Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1463 - Jealous Xiao Mo (1)

Chapter 1463: Jealous Xiao Mo (1)

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“Miss Yun, now that I’ve informed you of the reason, you shouldn’t introduce yourself with this name in the future. Otherwise, if it were passed on to Hong Luan’s ears, she would come looking for trouble with you.” Yan Ke cautiously spoke, for fear of someone overhearing them.

“I understand.” She finally understood why the three huge factions attacked the Poison Valley. It was actually for her sake.

Actually, Poison Valley was not wrongly accused. If Ji Jiutian hadn’t been by her side, perhaps she would have fallen to their evil scheme. However, when Yan Ke heard Yun Luofeng’s response, she assumed that Yun Luofeng had listened to her warnings and so unconsciously relaxed.

“Auntie,” Little Tree looked at Yan Ke while smiling, “when can we go up the mountain?”

The person standing beside Yan Ke was stunned when hearing his words. This little boy intends to follow their team?

Wormwood Mountain was filled with dangers, and it would cause a huge burden for them to bring along a weak woman and child.

As for the robust puppet following behind Yun Luofeng, even though it looked sturdy and fearless, they could not sense his real strength. However, before others managed to raise their objections, Yan Ke was melted by Little Tree’s voice, so how could she reject any of his requests?

“We can go up anytime. Little boy, are you and your mother willing to follow us?”

The smile on Little Tree’s face became increasingly radiant. “Then I’ll have to trouble Auntie.”

In any case, it was their first time here, and they had yet to familiarize themselves with the situation. If Yun Luofeng followed them, it would prevent them from taking the wrong path, and this was Little Tree’s motive.

“Junior Sister!”

The expression of the young man in brocade clothing changed and furrowed his brows. “It’s fine if both of them are strong, but there’s a child! Besides, there are no traces of spirit energy on the other man. Aren’t we adding to our load if we bring them along?”

“Senior Brother, rest assured, I know my limits. You don’t have to worry.” Yan Ke wrinkled her brows. “Furthermore, our trip this time is to increase our knowledge and experience and not for the treasures within the god traces.”

Seeing Yan Ke determination, the young man in brocade clothing did not say anything else. However, he softly sighed, revealing a helpless expression.

“Little boy, I have yet to get your name.” Yan Ke was indeed fond of kids, or else she wouldn’t have been willing to bring along Yun Luofeng and Little Tree.

Little Tree blinked his eyes. “I’m Yun Shu 1 !”

Yun Shu?

Yan Ke stared blankly. Unexpectedly, there was someone who would think of such a name? This name did not tally with his appearance like carved jade.

“Let’s go,” Yan Ke did not think about it much and recovered her senses. “Many have gone up the mountain and if we do not hasten our steps, perhaps the treasures will fall in other’s hands.”


Although Wormwood Mountain couldn’t be compared with other dangerous places, there were still countless traps present. In addition, there were numerous people who came there and so they discovered the corpses of humans and spirit beasts while traveling.

Along the way, Yun Luofeng got to know that the young man in brocade clothing was called Fu Jin and was a fellow apprentice along with Yan Ke. However, they had long left the sect and were wandering around in this huge continent alone.

Within the team, the other sturdy huge man was called Zhao Hong. Other than that, there was a young man with a delicate and pretty appearance. Although his strength was weak, he was the only physician among the team.

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