Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1461 - Huang Yingying's Transformation (8)

Chapter 1461: Huang Yingying’s Transformation (8)

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“I understand, Family Head!” The guard accepted the order and retreated. The Jun Family head sat down with a dispirited expression only after the guard had left.

Unexpectedly, this news was ultimately disseminated. If those people were to locate Master’s granddaughter, they will definitely capture her to threaten the Jun Family. At that time, Master will definitely go crazy!

Therefore, he had to locate her before these people! Thinking of this, the Jun Family head tightly clenched his fist and made a firm resolution…

Spirit Province, in a small town nor far away from the border, it was extremely lively unlike before.

A lady was currently hastening on her journey when all of a sudden, a small voice sounded from in front of her, “Auntie, can I ask, why are there so many people in this desolate small town?”

The lady stared blankly for a moment and looking down, a small face like jade entered her view. Originally she had no intention to answer the question but such an adorable and delicate little boy made her unable to reject.

“Little boy, why are you here alone? Where are your parents?”

“My parent’s aren’t here. I was only curious why are there so many people here. Did something happen?” The little boy blinked his eyes and asked while beaming with a big smile.

It was said that an abnormal situation would definitely mean something was amiss.

It was reasonable to think that a small town near the border would not be very crowded, but right now this small town was bustling with activity. It had also taken quite some time to find a lodging place. In addition, the factions behind these people were influential and in all likelihood, they must have come for a reason. Perhaps there might be precious medicinal ingredients…

Once he thought of his food, Little Tree decided to uncover what’s happening.

“Little boy, we came here mainly because of the traces of gods in Wormwood Mountain.”

“Wormwood Mountain, traces of gods?”

There were gods in the Seven Province Continent?

The lady smiled and told the little boy, “It’s better if you don’t know of these matters. After all, it is extremely dangerous on Wormwood Mountain. You had better return to your parent’s side.” After saying this she hastily left.

The little boy pondered for a long time looking in the direction that she left and walked towards the inn.

At this moment within the inn, Yun Luofeng was seated on the table while absent-mindedly tasting the tea. Chacha obediently lay on his stomach and looked up from time to time with vigilance, afraid that there would be enemies rushing in to hurt Yun Luofeng.


The door was pushed open by a small hand and a face like carved jade appeared in Yun Luofeng’s view.

Lifting her brow, Yun Luofeng asked. “Where did you go?”

“Mother,” Little Tree walked to Yun Luofeng’s side. “Earlier on I was curious as to why there were so many experts in this desolate place and so I went out to inquire. It’s said that traces of a god appeared in a mountain range around this vicinity.”

“Traces of a god?” An undetectable glint streaked across Yun Luofeng’s eyes.

Little Tree raised his head and hugged Yun Luofeng’s neck. “Mother, aren’t you looking for Father, Aunt Hong Luan, Xiao Bai, and the rest? Perhaps they were curious about this and went to the mountain”

Yun Luofeng was silent for a while. “Alright, then we’ll go and have a look at the so-called god remains.”

Perhaps what Little Tree said was right. If Yun Xiao and the others were headed to the same destination, she would be able to locate them.

“That’s great!”


Little Tree kissed Yun Luofeng. “Mother, if there are medicinal ingredients there, you have to snatch everything for me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to produce anthropomorphism fruit.”

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