Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1460 - Huang Yingying’s Transformation (7)

Chapter 1460: Huang Yingying's Transformation (7)

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“I wonder what’s with your grandfather? He suddenly killed his way into the Poison Valley three years ago and massacred countless men.” The Jun family head smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Say, how did Poison Valley offend your grandfather? In any case, Poison Valley belongs to the Central Province’s influence and the Governor even come looking for me a few years back, wanting an account from the old lord.”

Ling’er blinked her eyes. “That year, grandfather took a liking to a genius and just as he acknowledged her as his granddaughter, men from Poison Valley killed that genius. Thus, grandfather was furious and went to get even with them.”

“He went to get even with Poison Valley, yet left a terrible mess for me! Originally, there were already many enemies of the Jun family, and now he has once again provoked more.” The Jun family head rubbed his temples. “Does this Master of mine feel uneasy for a day if he doesn’t cause trouble for me? Now that enemies are surrounding us, he’s enjoying his free life somewhere else.”

If it was possible, the Jun family head wished that he could abandon this mess, and those who were willing to take over his position should take it. Unfortunately, his Master only had him as his disciple, and if he didn’t support the Jun Family, the only other choice was for it to be handed over to outsiders.

Not to mention that the old lord would be reluctant, he felt the same way.

“Ling’er, it would be great if your aunt was here. She’s Master’s biological daughter, and it’s only natural for her to inherit the Jun Family. At that time, I could travel from north to south together with your mother and forget about this mess.”

Evidently, the current family head had a stomach full of complaints about the old lord abandoning the Jun Family, yet he couldn’t do anything to him.

“If you find your grandfather, remember to tell him that his absence in the family all year round has caused all the Jun Family’s enemies to get restless, intending to eliminate the Jun Family. If that really happens, tell that old man that he must return.”

“Father, rest assured, grandfather knows this well in his heart. If the Jun Family encounters a calamity, he will return,” Ling’er said while beaming with smiles.

After all, the Jun Family was the old lord’s blood and sweat, so it was impossible for him to abandon it.

“You should look for your old friends and play. Let me be alone.”

The Jun family head kneaded his temples. As long as he recalled the news reported by his intelligence gatherer, he couldn’t help but sigh.

It’s been so many years, and the old lord had been traveling outside without returning, causing the Jun Family’s enemies to believe that the old man had passed away. If the old lord hadn’t killed his way into Poison Valley all of a sudden, everyone probably would have assumed that he was dead.

Even so, three years had passed, and those factions could no longer suppress themselves and began to stir again.

“Family head, something bad happened!”

Suddenly, an anxious voice could be heard from outside and shortly after, a guard hurriedly ran in. As he was overly worried, he nearly staggered and fell to the ground.

The Jun family head frowned and asked, “What happened?”

“Family head, something happened. Someone spread the news that the old family head had a missing granddaughter who is in this Seven Province Continent…”

“What?” The Jun family head slammed the table and stood up, with a gloomy expression. “Where did this news spread from?”

“It was spread from the Jun Family.”

The Jun Family head tightly clenched his fists. From the looks of it, there were other faction’s spies in the Jun Family, and they had gotten hold of this news.

“Investigate, I want to know who spread this news at once!”

If he found out who did it, he would make that person wish he was dead!

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