Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1458 - Huang Yingying's Transformation (5)

Chapter 1458: Huang Yingying’s Transformation (5)

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After much difficulty she had left the illusory realm but had lost track of Yun Xiao. She also had no idea what had happened on this continent that had caused these people to be so tight-lipped.

If the illusory realm had sent her to Witch Mountain, perhaps she would ask the tribe leader, but who knew it would send her to the base of the mountain? Yun Luofeng was in a hurry to see Yun Xiao and did not wish to waste so much time climbing the mountain.

“Have you heard? The tribe leader of the Witchcraft Tribe is nearly on the brink of death.”

Yun Luofeng suddenly overheard two people’s conversation, causing her to stop walking.

The tribe leader of the Witchcraft Tribe?

“This isn’t a secret in Seven Province Continent. The Witchcraft Tribe is very powerful. I wonder who plotted against the tribe leader?”

“Hehe, I know a little about this matter. They say that a traitor appeared inside Witchcraft Tribe and poisoned the host parasite inside the tribe leader’s body, causing the host parasite to attack its master and harming the tribe leader.”

Yun Luofeng deeply frowned. Back in the illusory realm, she was puzzled over why a member of the Witchcraft Tribe would team up with Poison Valley. It turned out it was because he betrayed the Witchcraft Tribe…

As Yun Luofeng ended her contemplation, she saw a muscular man heading straight for her. The man did not look at where he was going. He was looking everywhere instead, and he was walking very fast and did not halt his steps even when he was in front of Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng dodged the man with a twist of her body. However, there was a brick on the ground behind Yun Luofeng. The man wasn’t watching the ground in front of him, so he tripped over it with a bang, and a screeching howl rung in the sky closely after.

The man tightly clutched onto his toe and furiously glared at Yun Luofeng. “You d*mn girl, you dare to conspire against me?!”

Yun Luofeng did not look at the man and continued walking forward, as though the person behind her did not exist.

“Stop!” In a rush, the man wanted to grab a hold of Yun Luofeng’s shoulder. But before his hand could touch Yun Luofeng, a calloused and powerful hand tightly squeezed his wrists, the pain sending him howling again.

The puppet man coldly watched the man, he used a lot of force, so much so that the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

“You are a big man, but you don’t watch where you’re going. Yet, you dare to blame other people.” Little Man sneered and pulled a face at the man.

The man refused to admit his error and insisted, “If it weren’t for this d*mn girl, I wouldn’t trip over the brick. I would hit her at most, so this is all her fault!”

Yun Luofeng paused in her steps and turned to look at the man. “You mean that I should stand still and allow you to crash into me?”

The man clenched his teeth. “You wouldn’t lose anything if I hit you, and it’s better than me stubbing my toe.”

“Apologies,” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, “I consider you hitting me a humiliation.”

“You…” The man had gotten used to being a bully and trampling over everyone, so even though he was seized by the puppet man he remained unyielding. However, this time, the puppet man did not give him a chance to speak and tightly squeezed his wrist, nearly crushing his bones. Instantly, the intense wave of pain caused the man to be unable to speak another word.

” Yun Yi 1 .”

Yun Yi was the puppet man’s name. After hearing his name, the puppet man did not make another move, but his eerie gaze crashed into the man’s eyes, causing him to shiver.

Yun Luofeng slowly walked toward the man, pulled out a pill from somewhere unknown, and forcefully stuffed it in the man’s mouth.

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