Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1456 - Huang Yingying's Transformation (3)

Chapter 1456: Huang Yingying’s Transformation (3)

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“Back then, Ou Ya caused the deaths of my entire family, and I suffered through hardships of all sorts in the outside world. There was not a single person who showed care for me or helped me. But then Yun Luofeng appeared. Not only did she treat my injuries, but she also gave me warmth. She was my sole warmth ever since I was bereft of my home…”

If Yun Luofeng had merely helped her, perhaps she would not place Yun Luofeng in such an important position in her heart. But imagine that you lost both of her parents and did not have a single relative left. You suffered through all sorts of disdain and torment. Not only was your throat damaged and your body riddled with injuries, but you also had to watch your enemy live comfortably, unable to do anything, and were nearly killed by your enemy…

At a time like that, a person appeared. She treated your injuries and took you to seek revenge. She also gave you your biggest warmth, protecting you beneath her wings and not allowing your enemies to have the chance to harm you…

If a person like that really existed, wouldn’t you treat her as your most important family member?

And now that the fate of this family member was unknown, wouldn’t you drown in despair? Clearly, in Huang Yingying’s heart, Yun Luofeng had become her only family…


Everyone was stunned and hurried up, but their steps were quickly halted by the girl’s icy shout.

“All of you, stand right there, I forbid you to approach!” Huang Yingying’s voice was trembling. She looked up at the extremely weak tribe leader and uttered between clenched teeth, “Why did you lie to me?”

The tribe leader was at a loss of words, but he did not have any regret in his heart. If Huang Yingying did not have enough strength, she could not help the Witchcraft Tribe, let alone protect herself. This was why he had her accept the inheritance first…

Huang Yingying coldly watched the tribe leader. “You clearly told me that I could open the illusory realm as long as I accepted the inheritance. Why did you lie to me?”

Three years ago, it wasn’t that the tribe leader did not have the desire to investigate the situation inside the illusory realm, but when they wanted to open the illusory realm again, they unexpectedly discovered that the illusory realm could no longer be activated.

Hence, he retained hope. Perhaps the Saintess could open the illusory realm…

However, no one could have imagined that the illusory realm would disappear before the Saintess’ inheritance finished.

“Saintess, where are you going?” Seeing the Saintess about to leave, the tribe leader’s expression shifted, and he anxiously called out.

Huang Yingying’s steps paused, but she did not look back. “I am going to find Miss Hong Luan.” After saying this, she continued her way toward the base of the mountain.

“Saintess!” The tribe leader’s face turned paler. He took a few steps forward, wanting to chase after Huang Yingying, but power suddenly left his body, and he fell face forward on the ground.

“Tribe Leader, sir!” All the elders turned pale with fright and hurried supported the tribe leader’s body. Cold sweat freely flowed due to their panic.

“Hurry, hurry and take the tribe leader back.”

The Witchcraft Tribe was in a state of panic. Eventually, a group lifted the tribe leader and took him towards his bedroom.

“Who knows how long the tribe leader’s body can hang on…” one of the elders forlornly uttered, his eyes brimming with worry.

“The Saintess is truly thoughtless. The tribe leader is already so seriously ill, but she still has no concern.” Another elder was frowning, clearly dissatisfied with Huang Yingying’s actions.

“In truth, we can’t blame the Saintess. Her parents were killed by our tribe. Although the culprit was punished, if it weren’t for the Witchcraft Tribe’s mistake, her parents would not die. So she did not have any feelings towards the Witchcraft Tribe in the first place, and then this happened…” The elder sighed.

If it were not for Yun Luofeng, perhaps the Saintess would not come to the Witchcraft Tribe again. Yet, Yun Luofeng just had to encounter danger here, so how could she forgive them?

The entire tribe was enveloped in a dark cloud. The departure of the Saintess caused the originally excited Witchcraft Tribe to fall into panic and low spirits…

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