Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1455 - Huang Yingying's Transformation (2)

Chapter 1455: Huang Yingying’s Transformation (2)

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“The Saintess has succeeded?” The elder was overjoyed. If the Saintess succeeded in obtaining the inheritance, it meant that the Witchcraft Tribe’s survival was ensured.

“Cough, cough!” the Tribe leader coughed and struggled to climb up from the bed. “Bring me to the rear mountain. I want to see the Saintess.”

“Tribe Leader!” The elder hurriedly went up to support the tribe leader’s extremely weak body. “Your body’s condition is too poor. You are better off resting here. Me going to see the Saintess will suffice.”

“No.” The tribe leader insisted on getting up. “Having obtained her inheritance, the Saintess’ position is above mine. As her subordinate, I naturally should go see the Saintess.”

Seeing how stubborn the tribe leader was, the elder did not say anything else and merely sighed before supporting the tribe leader and leaving the room.

The tribe leader’s figure was shaky, as though he could fall over at any time. The previous high-spirited man had disappeared three years ago.


Rear Mountain

The opening of the stone door was accompanied by a pretty figure in yellow clothes stepping out. The girl did not have the inexperience and spirit from three years ago. Her small face was cold and proud. Overwhelming power emanated from her figure, causing the members of the Witchcraft Tribe, who had come to welcome her, to kneel on the ground.

“We respectfully welcome Your Highness the Saintess!” Everyone called out simultaneously. Their voices rang in the sky and pierced the air, deafening in volume.

“Rise.” The girl’s hand swished, and the people kneeling on the ground appeared to be forcefully pulled up by a force. Instantly, shock filled their eyes.

After receiving her inheritance, the previously weak girl had broken out of her cocoon and transformed into a butterfly, immensely powerful.


With the support of a group of elders, the tribe leader strode over with quick steps. Solace filled his face. “Congratulations to the Saintess for successfully receiving your inheritance.”

The girl’s gaze swept over the surroundings before returning to the Tribe leader. A smile finally appeared on her aloof face.

“Tribe leader, can I go rescue Miss Yun from the illusory realm now?”

Huang Yingying’s upbringing was rather good, so she had always understood the meaning of gratitude and repaying kindness. If it weren’t for Yun Luofeng’s assistance, she would not be where she was today. Perhaps she would have already died at the hands of Ou Ya, let alone avenging herself. So she had never forgotten it was Yun Luofeng who gave her her current position.

Hence, she was heartbroken after learning of Yun Luofeng’s death and charged back without regard, planning to seek retribution from the tribe leader. Who would have expected the tribe leader to tell her that Yun Luofeng did not die, she merely could not leave the illusory realm.

As long as she succeeded in receiving her inheritance, she could rescue her. This was why she dwelled inside the rear mountain for three years.

“This…” Hesitation entered the tribe leader’s expression, but he hardened his heart and said, “Your Highness the Saintess, a major event happened today, the illusory realm… the illusory realm disappeared.”

The illusory realm disappeared?

Huang Yingying’s smile froze. “How could the illusory realm disappear? You’re lying to me! Bring me to the illusory realm this instant!”

“Saintess.” The tribe leader bitterly chuckled. “I’m speaking the truth. The illusory realm really went missing. As for Yun Luofeng, her fate is unknown.”

Even now, the Tribe leader did not speak anything absolute and merely used the words ‘her fate is unknown’.

However… regardless of how naive Huang Yingying was, she still understood the meaning of those words at a time like this.

The illusory realm had already disappeared, so how could Yun Luofeng still be alive?

Huang Yingying stumbled and staggered back a few steps. Colors drained out of her face, giving her skin the appearance of fragile paper.

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