Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1452 - Time Was Like Water (9)

Chapter 1452: Time Was Like Water (9)

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“Miss, it’s you?” The old man stood up and chuckled. “Right, not long ago, I saw Miss Yingying. She appeared to come back crying, what happened?”

This old man’s home was evidently the place that was Yun Luofeng’s lodgings when she came to Witch Mountain. It was also here that she met Huang Yingying.

Huang Yingying came back crying?

Yun Luofeng was startled, and her eyebrows furrowed. Did something happen while she wasn’t here?

“I came here to fulfill my promise.”


The old man started and looked at Yun Luofeng, dumbfounded.

“I didn’t pay for my stay here that day,” Yun Luofeng dryly stayed. “So before I left, I promised to find a companion for you.”

The old man did not understand the meaning behind Yun Luofeng’s words. Just as he pondered over it, he saw a little lolita walk out from behind the girl. This little lolita had a cute appearance and looked to be about six or seven years old. However, indifference dominated her fair and delicate face, and her eyes were out of focus, akin to a puppet with strings.

“From now on, she belongs to you.”

The old man was stupefied. Just as he wanted to ask more, he suddenly realized the girl who stood before him just a second ago had already disappeared without a trace, and only the little lolita remained.

“Little girl.” The old man had joy in his heart, but there was more unease. “If you are willing, you can stay here from now on.”

The little lolita did not respond to the old man, and her expression remained aloof.

“You can’t speak?” The old man came to a sudden realization. “Not a problem. Having you accompany me is more than enough.”

With a smile, the old man wanted to have the little lolita enter the house, but several hooligans rushed out from behind it.

“Old man, you already owe us the protection fee for a month! If you don’t pay it this month, I will toss you to Witch Mountain to feed the spirit beasts.” A large man walked up with a ruthless expression and coldly threatened, the knife in his hand harshly stabbing into the ground.

The old man trembled from fear. “Can’t I extend it for another month?”

“Humph!” The man snorted, his lascivious eyes drifting to the lolita beside the old man. “If you want to extend it a month, it’s not a no… Use this little girl as payment, how about it?”

Hearing that these people wanted to take the lolita away, the old man’s eyes reddened with panic. “No way! This girl is my granddaughter, you can’t take her away.”

“Granddaughter?” The man guffawed and lifted his hand, reaching for the lolita. “Who doesn’t know that you are a lonely old man. You don’t even have a son, how could you have a granddaughter? Who knows where you kidnapped this girl from? Hand her over to me now!”


The moment before the man pulled on the girl, a little fist abruptly landed on his chest. In an instant, a bloody hole appeared in the man’s chest. His eyes shot open and he fell back, dying with grievances. The little lolita’s expression remained indifferent, and her eyes were unfocused as she coldly watched the man lying in front of her.

Although the puppets created by Yun Luofeng were currently without consciousness, they would still obey orders and protect their master to their death! Everyone was stunned out of their wits, and even the old man was stupefied. No one expected that this innocent and harmless looking little girl would be so powerful. It was only at this point that the old man understood what kind of treasure Yun Luofeng had given to him.

“This type of treasure is a waste on an old man like me. The payment for lodging isn’t that costly.” The man sighed with gratefulness in his heart. He knew the large favor that he owed her.

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