Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1450 - Time Was Like Water (7)

Chapter 1450: Time Was Like Water (7)

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Mu Dong said with a wry smile, “Moreover, we haven’t seen Little Yun’s corpse, so why are you so sure she is dead?”

“The people of the Witchcraft Tribe said that it was the Poison Valley who caused my granddaughter’s death!” Grandfather Jun uttered between gritted teeth. “They have also felt that a change occurred inside the illusory realm, so my granddaughter must be gone!”

Back then, when he darted to East Province and learned that Yun Luofeng was Jun’er’s daughter from the Governor of East Province, he was so excited that he wanted nothing more than to immediately find her and hug her without inhibition.

However… fate toyed with people. Before he could meet his granddaughter, this nightmare occurred.

How could he not be sad? So what if it had been three years? He would not be able to leave this sorrow behind his whole life.

“Jun Lingtian, your relationship with Little Yun, do you not plan to tell the Jun Family?” Mu Dong asked with knitted brows.

The old man shook his head. “It’s enough that I alone am sad, why should I make other people grieve with me? If Yun’er was still alive, then I would definitely introduce her to members of the Jun Family, but since she’s no longer with us, if I told this to them, wouldn’t I make everyone sad with me?”

The old man began to sob again. His tears flowed like a river, causing Mu Dong’s expression to turn helpless. In these three years, he had listened to the old man’s crying every day, heaven knows how torturous that was. Wasn’t this old man afraid of crying himself blind?

However… recalling the girl who wrote down that answer back then, pity entered Mu Dong’s heart.

Poison Valley caused the continent to lose a peerless genius, so they must bear this responsibility.

“Right, Jun Lingtian, I heard that a man charged inside God Burial Mountain three years ago. That man must have a good relationship with Little Yun since he took this risk to kill the people of Poison Valley.”

Hearing this, Jun Lingtian glared at Mu Dong. “If it weren’t for you bastard blocking me, I would have charged inside long ago too! I won’t feel satisfied unless I personally kill those people! Wasn’t it enough that you stopped me back then? Must you watch over me every day? I merely want to avenge my granddaughter, so what?”

Mu Dong was no match for Jun Lingtian if it involved their medical skills. But their strength was not too different. Back then, in his attempt to enter God Burial Mountain, he fought with Mu Dong for more than half a month before he stopped. Ever since then, Mu Dong had stayed glued to his side, afraid that he would charge inside God Burial Mountain in a moment of irrationality.

“That man is the Ghost Emperor.” Grandfather Jun glanced at Mu Dong and sighed. “I asked around, Yun’er participated in that examination that day in order to see the Ghost Emperor. They are married.”

Grandfather Jun looked into the distant sky and faintly said, “The Ghost Emperor is certainly someone loyal and true. He dared to charge into the God Burial Mountain to avenge Yun’er. Now, it has been three years since he entered the mountain, but his fate remains unknown.”

“If this man is the Ghost Emperor, then I believe that he is still alive for certain.”

The Ghost Emperor was a new legend on the Seven Province Continent. They said that he was young, but his strength was extraordinary, and he was vicious, merciless, and callous. A man like him would come back alive no matter what!

“Mu Dong, just how long will you keep following me?” Jun Lingtian furiously roared when he stood up and discovered that Mu Dong stood up as well. Rage covered his tear-stained face.

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