Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1449 - Time Was Like Water (6)

Chapter 1449: Time Was Like Water (6)

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The originally high-spirited Grandfather Jun aged several decades in an instant. Even his back bent as he left the Witchcraft Tribe with a face of sorrow. Someone naturally had to pay the price for the old man’s sorrow! He blamed everything on the Poison Valley, so he charged into the valley on his own and began a massacre.

At the same time…

The news of Yun Luofeng’s death traveled to the continent, evoking rage from all parties.

East Province, where Hong Luan was located, and West Province, where West Province Academy was located, both launched an attack toward Poison Valley. Although the experts of the Spirit Province Jun Family did not act, Grandfather Jun alone was enough to crush Poison Valley.

The lord of the Poison Valley was dazed from shock. Who would have expected a nobody would attract the strong cultivators of these provinces to the valley? What made him more furious was that the bastard Xiang Fei could have provoked anyone, but he just had to provoke the woman called Yun Luofeng!

Hence, for survival, the lord of the valley brought a group of confidants with him and retreated to God Burial Mountain. If the most dangerous location in Longxiao Continent was the Forest of No Return, then the most dangerous place in Seven Province Continent was God Burial Mountain. According to legends, even if a god headed to God Burial Mountain, they would still narrowly escape with their life!

However, the lord of Poison Valley would rather die inside God Burial Mountain then land in the hands of his enemies. Maybe his luck will be good and he can survive in the mountain…

The actions of the members of Poison Valley were very effective. When the strong cultivators saw them escaping to God Burial Mountain, they all halted. However, they all kept watch outside the mountain. If the people of the Poison Valley came out, they would kill them without hesitation!

Just as everyone thought that no one besides the escaping Poison Valley people would enter God Burial Mountain, a handsome man wearing long, black robes flew into the mountain under everyone’s watch.

On top of his handsome and sharp looks, his aura was impressive as well. Anyone in his vicinity could sense the icy uninviting aura from him. Hence, they did not dare to go up and question him upon seeing his entrance. It was not until his figure disappeared that everyone reacted.

“Who was that man?”

“I don’t know, but his aura is too imposing. When I stood next to him just now, I felt like my body was encased in ice, as though I could die in his hand at any time.”

Being able to kill someone with his aura alone, just how strong was this man? Perhaps only the old senior from the Jun Family could contend with him.

Central Province

Inside the old estate, Grandfather Jun was crying like a child. Tears covered his face and sadness pervaded his eyes.

Mu Dong sighed. “It has already been three years. Even if she died, she has already passed away for almost three years. How long will you cry?”

“The one who died wasn’t your granddaughter, so you naturally aren’t sad.” Grandfather Jun sobbed nonstop. “Those bastards of the Poison Valley, they actually dared to touch this old man’s granddaughter. If they end up in my hands, this old man will make them have a fate worse than death!”

The corner of Mu Dong’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say something but ended up helplessly closing his mouth. Forget it, I can’t provoke the old man anymore or he might charge inside God Burial Mountain to seek retribution from the people of the Poison Valley!

After all, three years ago, the old man nearly charged inside. If he did not happen to promptly stop the old man, perhaps he would have already become the meal of the spirit beasts inside God Burial Mountain.

“Three years have already passed, perhaps the people of the Poison Valley have already died inside. That place is so dangerous, even we don’t dare to carelessly step inside, let alone them.”

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