Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1448 - Time Was Like Water (5)

Chapter 1448: Time Was Like Water (5)

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“Mo Qiancheng, let go first,” she said with a slight furrow of her brows.

Mo Qiancheng started. It was only then that he discovered his hold on Yun Luofeng’s wrist had turned it red due to his excessive force. His heart was squeezed, and heartache flooded his eyes. He started sputtering due to his anxiousness, “I… I didn’t do it on purpose. Does it hurt? I can help you rub…”

“Mo Qiancheng, I now control this illusory realm. When I leave, I will bring the illusory realm with me, so you will also follow me,” Yun Luofeng solemnly stated.

Joy entered Mo Qiancheng’s heart, appearing to be in disbelief about her words. “You won’t abandon me? You are willing to bring me along when you leave?”

Yun Luofeng nodded. “Also, in the future, my subordinates will enter the illusory realm to cultivate.”

Before Mo Qiancheng saw through her lies, the people around her were safe. It would not cause any harm even if she had the members of the corps enter…

“Alright.” Mo Qiancheng’s eyes remained for us on Yun Luofeng. “You aren’t allowed to deceive me again! Otherwise… otherwise, I won’t spare you!” When he said his last sentence, Mo Qiancheng released the vicious aura in him, and the red glint in his eyes intensified.

“Ji Jiutian, let’s go then.” Yun Luofeng sent a last glance at Mo Qiancheng before turning her sight onto Ji Jiutian. “We have stayed here for three years. It’s about time for us to leave.”

Because the current owner for the illusory realm was her, she only needed a thought to leave the illusory realm.

Naturally, she left the spirit beasts behind inside the illusory realm to continue cultivating!

Yun Luofeng did not know that during the three years she was gone, a heaven-turning transformation occurred in Central Province.

First, three years ago, a light suddenly flashed inside the illusory realm of the Witchcraft Tribe. Then, Xiang Fei’s figure appeared above the plaza of the Witchcraft Tribe.

After hearing this, the tribe leader of the Witchcraft Tribe immediately hurried there with other people. They were met with the unexpected sight of Xiang Fei madly laughing like a lunatic.

The tribe leader was going to ask about Yun Luofeng’s status, but Xiang Fei only spoke a few words.

“All dead, they are all dead!”

Hearing his words, the tribe leader’s heart skipped a beat. They are all dead? In other words, the people who entered the illusory realm are all dead except for Xiang Fei?

Unfortunately, the tribe leader spoke too soon. After Xiang Fei spoke those words, his body turned transparent and slowly disappeared. Seeing this, the tribe leader angrily charged toward Xiang Fei and tightly clutched onto his lapels and furiously shouted, “Xiang Fei, was it you who killed them, bastard?”

Xiang Fei merely glanced at the tribe leader with a sneer. Then, before he could speak a word, he turned into smoke and dissipated. The smile he left behind made the tribe leader misunderstand that it was the people of Poison Valley who killed Yun Luofeng!

Hence, he immediately sent an order to find the family of Yun Luofeng, planning to inform them of this news.

Without waiting for the death of Yun Luofeng to reach the ears of her family, the people of Poison Valley arrived at the doors of the Witchcraft Tribe again. The previously poisoned tribe leader stepped closer toward death under the Poison Valley’s attack. Fortunately, Grandfather Jun arrived and eradicated the people of Poison Valley.

Grandfather Jun just learned that Yun Luofeng was his granddaughter and caught wind of her journey here for the Witch Bone, so he excitedly came here.

Who knew… he would receive a nightmare like this?

Can you comprehend the feeling of receiving news of one’s family and following the news but receiving a nightmare upon arrival?

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