Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1445 - Time Was Like Water (2)

Chapter 1445: Time Was Like Water (2)

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Time was like water and the years flew by. Inside this illusory realm, three years passed without notice.

Yun Luofeng’s talent was very formidable, so with the help of the Blood Spirit Spring, she merely spent one year to break through to intermediate-rank sage-lord from sage-king.

Typically, once people reached a certain level, unless they had the assistance of rare materials they would not be able to break through even with 10 years of cultivation.

Hence, Yun Luofeng’s fortune was quite good in that she received Jue Qian’s inheritance. Otherwise, she would not possess this Blood Spirit Spring and reach intermediate-rank, sage-lord level in a mere year…

Unfortunately, even if she broke through to sage-lord, she could not leave this illusory realm. Hence, she spent the subsequent two years studying the puppet technique…

The technique of puppet creation was very difficult. It took her two whole years before she managed to study it thoroughly, but even so, she might not succeed.

In these two years, all the spirit beasts broke through one by one.

First was Huohuo, she directly bypassed sage-god level and reached low-rank sage-lord level. Xiao Mo proved to be no match for her and only stayed in advanced-rank sage-god level. Of course, if he was given more time, he could pass sage-god and reach sage-lord level.

Additionally, Milk Tea and Hamster Queen both reached intermediate-rank sage-god a few months ago. Mengmeng, in their footsteps, also advanced yesterday and also became an intermediate-rank sage-god level gold seeking hamster.

The tribesmen of Hamster Tribe also improved. Their weakest member was advanced-rank sage-king level while the majority broke through to low-rank sage-god level.

Initially, Chacha was stronger than Huohuo, but his talent could not compare to hers and his speed of absorption was fairly slow, so he only recently broke through to sage-lord level.

Although both spirit beasts were sage-lord, one was originally at low-rank sage-king level while the other was already at sage-god level. The contrast between their talent was apparent.

The only one whose strength could not be seen through was Little Tree. Even Yun Luofeng did not understand Little Tree’s current strength.

In these three years, Huohuo and the other spirit beasts were busy cultivating. The Hamster Tribe could not break through by absorbing spirit energy, so their cultivation method was to consume the spring water of the Blood Spirit Spring.

The Hamster Tribe was probably the only one who could do this. If other spirit beasts consumed the spring water, they would immediately meet their death by exploding.

However, Little Tree merely played with the water in the spring and did not show any signs of breakthrough, but for unknown reasons, everyone could sense that an extremely large transformation occurred in him.

His transformation surpassed everyone…

Under the azure sky, Yun Luofeng was busy fiddling with the puppet in her hand while Mo Qiancheng sat on the side and was watching her with infatuation.

It was as though his eyes could see an old friend from a thousand year ago through her.

“I finally succeeded.” The girl slowly relaxed and stood up. She wiped the sweat on her forehead, and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

A young maroon-haired lolita lay before her. The lolita’s eyes were also maroon but they were lifeless.

However, under Mo Qiancheng’s shocked gaze, the little lolita slowly stood up. It was as though a layer of fog covered her eyes, making them appear dull and lifeless. However, her limbs were very nimble and did not have an ounce of stiffness.

“You have created a puppet?” Mo Qiancheng eagerly dashed toward the young lolita. He lifted his hand and touched the elastic skin, excitement flashing through his eyes. “Her skin is no different from a human’s skin, very elastic! Jue Qian, you are truly outstanding!”

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