Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1444 - Time Was Like Water (1)

Chapter 1444: Time Was Like Water (1)

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“Jue Qian, can I ask you a final question?” Yun Luofeng intently stared at the man. “How can I find your reincarnation?”

“You will know when you see him.” Jue Qian’s answer remained unchanged.


At that moment, Yun Luofeng felt her mind explode in pain, she tightly furrowed her brows. It was as though a bomb detonated in her mind.

A moment later, a wave of memories that did not belong to her rushed into her mind. The memories featured a youth who was abandoned by his clan and betrayed by his companions. He walked towards the apex step by step and became an unrivaled strong person.

In truth, Jue Qian and she were very similar. They came from the lowest leveled Longxiao Continent and reached the Land of No Return step by step until finally coming to the Seven Province Continent in the end.

However, what shocked Yun Luofeng was that these memories also included Jue Qian’s lifetime of knowledge. The questions that she originally did not understand from the text about puppet creation were all suddenly unraveled, as though she was enlightened.

“Now, you have inherited my previous memories.” Jue Qian haughtily looked down on Yun Luofeng. “With these memories, you will be able to successfully create a puppet! I have even passed on all of my fighting techniques to you. I hope you will treasure it.”

The pain in Yun Luofeng’s head finally disappeared. She looked up at the man in front of her. “Back when I met your first soul fragment, why didn’t you directly pass these on to me? Why did you lure me here instead?”

“The you from back then was still weak. Knowing too many things wouldn’t benefit you, so even now, I did not give you all of my memories. You still can’t come into contact with some things with your current strength.”

How could Yun Luofeng not understand Jue Qian’s meaning? She was silent for a moment before slowly uttering, “Thank you.”

Jue Qian sent Yun Luofeng a final glance.

His imposing and arrogant eyes contained solace, as though knowing Yun Luofeng’s current accomplishment already made him very satisfied.

“Jue Qian!” Witnessing Jue Qian’s figure slowly turning transparent, Ji Jiutian’s brows slowly furrowed. “Do you still remember what you promised me back then?”

Jue Qian smiled. It had to be said that this man’s smile was very good looking. Unlike his previous haughtiness, it made people feel like they were looking at a gorgeous painting.

“She is my heir, so she will naturally help you with your matters.”

Ji Jiutian did not say anything more. His expression was calm, and a hard-to-detect glint flickered through his eyes.

Hearing their conversation, a foreboding feeling suddenly arose in Yun Luofeng’s heart.

She… appeared to have been sold by Jue Qian?

“Jue Qian, your reincarnation can’t help me?” Ji Jiutian was silent for a moment and ended up asking a final question.

Jue Qian shook his head. “Back then, I divided my soul to guide my heir, and this made my soul incredibly weak. Even if I have already reincarnated, according to the circumstance of my soul, I won’t have my previous accomplishments again. So now, the only one who can help you is her!”

As he finished speaking, Jue Qian’s haughty and domineering figure finally disappeared and silence settled on the room.

“Ji Jiutian, help me summon Chacha here. The other spirit beasts, enter the Blood Spirit Spring and cultivate!”

With a treasure blessed by heaven here, she believed that it wouldn’t take long for her to break through to intermediate-rank sage-lord level…

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