Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1443 - Jue Qian’s Treasure (8)

Chapter 1443: Jue Qian's Treasure (8)

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The man in front of them was also clothed in red, but compared to Ji Jiutian’s vixen look, this man appeared more aloof and haughty! His gaze felt like he was peering down on the world, as though he was a mighty ruler pridefully looking down at the insignificant beings beneath him.

Yes, haughty!

Only a true superior ruler would look down on the world like this. As though a gaze alone was enough to kill everything in a second!

“Jue Qian.” Ji Jiutian’s expression was incredibly unhappy. “Back then, I was suspicious about why your soul would be weakened to that extent. No matter how big the injury, it should not be so weak! However, I didn’t expect that you had divided your soul into several parts. Did you know that your actions would affect your talent after reincarnation?”

Jue Qian’s chin was loftily raised, his figure tall and powerful, similar to a giant mountain pressuring people to the point of being unable to breathe.

This was Jue Qian!

The Medical God Jue Qian who struck everyone with terror when they heard his name!

“After entering this illusory realm, there is only one way to leave, and that is to inherit all of my abilities. I will allow you to leave once you pass your assessment!”

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. “Mo Qiancheng mentioned that a mechanism here will allow me to leave the illusory realm. Was he deceiving me or…”

“No, he doesn’t know anything.”

In truth, it was Jue Qian who established this illusory realm. Mo Qiancheng only knew that he could not approach this place, so he was certain that the mechanism must be here. He had no idea that there was only one way to leave the illusory realm.

“Alright.” Yun Luofeng lightly inhaled. “Tell me, how can I leave?”

The figure of Jue Qian was transparent but his hegemonic aura could not be hidden. It was so strong that it caused people who stood before him to feel pressure.

“First, you must break through three levels!”

Breaking through three levels, in other words, meant that she must go from intermediate-rank sage-king level to intermediate-rank sage-lord level.

“My man is waiting for me outside, can you allow me to go say goodbye to him first before coming back to do the assessment?”

Jue Qian’s voice remained imposing. “You can’t leave unless you complete the assessment.”

Hearing his response, Yun Luofeng’s brow twitched again. She was reminded of the man from Void Mirror, he was just as stubborn and tyrannical as Jue Qian!

After Yun Xiao gifted the Void Mirror to her, she accidentally entered the Void Mirror on her journey to meet Yun Xiao. She originally pleaded with the man inside Void Mirror to allow her to save Yun Xiao first before continuing the assessment. However, that person was just as stubborn. Unless she finished her mission, she could not even think about leaving!

Thankfully, the time inside Void Mirror was not matched with the time in the outside world, so she was able to make it in time to face those strong enemies with Yun Xiao…

“You mentioned this is only the first assessment, then what about the second one?” Yun Luofeng inquired.

“The second assessment, you must successfully create a puppet. If you can’t create a puppet, you also can’t leave this illusory realm.”

The first assessment required a lot of time, but the second assessment required just as much time. Who knew when she would be able to create a puppet?

Yun Luofeng pondered for a moment. “I can stay here for the assessment, but I have a request, I hope my spirit beasts can come here.”

Having a treasure like the Blood Spirit Spring, she must share it with the spirit beasts. Perhaps the spirit beasts’ strength could also raise a few levels during this period of time…

Jue Qian domineeringly glanced at Yun Luofeng. “Spirit beasts could come here from the beginning, I merely did not permit the spirit beasts who originally existed inside the illusory realm to come to this place. The ones you brought naturally are permitted to appear. It’s Mo Qiancheng who misunderstood.”

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