Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1440 - Jue Qian’s Treasure (5)

Chapter 1440: Jue Qian's Treasure (5)

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“However, I don’t mind remaining by your side like previously. Can… can you give me another chance?” The youth’s voice was pleading. He had been all alone for a thousand years… He did not want to be alone anymore…

“No.” Yun Luofeng refused Mo Qiancheng without mercy.

Who knew whether Mo Qiancheng would go crazy after seeing Yun Xiao? There was no way she would keep a time bomb by her side.

Mo Qiancheng felt disappointment in his heart. “I know you won’t forgive me. I once helped other people attack you and now wanted to kill you because I didn’t recognize you, how could you forgive me?”

Perhaps he would never obtain her forgiveness even if he used his life to make it up to her.

“However…” The youth lightly pursed his lips, his face palely illuminated by the sun. “I will use my hard work to show my determination. You will eventually accept me again one day.”

Yun Luofeng did not answer the youth and headed toward Ji Jiutian inside the pit. She carefully helped Ji Jiutian up and fed him a stalk of a spirit herb.

The spirit energy inside God Code Space couldn’t treat every injury, only external injuries like how Mo Qiancheng’s back was sliced open by spirit energy and ceaselessly bleeding. At that time, she needed to use spirit energy to stop his blood.

Ji Jiutian’s injuries were an internal injury, so spirit energy could only act as a supplementary aid, and spirit herbs were needed to treat him.

Watching Yun Luofeng feed the herb to Ji Jiutian, rage crept onto Mo Qiancheng’s face. His long, silver hair danced in the wind, and anger flickered through his eyes. “Jue Qian, you…”

“My name is Yun Luofeng,” Yun Luofeng aloofly stated with a glance toward Mo Qiancheng.

Being at the end of the girl’s gaze caused Mo Qiancheng’s fury to miraculously disappear, but his face still contained dissatisfaction. If he were not afraid of angering Yun Luofeng, perhaps he would have already acted against Ji Jiutian.

The same happened a thousand years ago. He clearly met Jue Qian first, but Ji Jiutian’s relationship with Jue Qian surpassed his. Also, after he confessed to Jue Qian, the man treated him very indifferently. Now, it was like this as well, so how could he be happy?

“Can you tell me how to leave this illusory realm?” After Yun Luofeng fed Ji Jiutian the herb, she turned her head to look at Mo Qiancheng.

Mo Qiancheng started, confusion flickering through his eyes. “Weren’t you the one who laid down this illusory realm? How come you don’t know how to leave?”

Yun Luofeng’s heart jolted. She calmed her heart and said, “I don’t have memories of the past.”

“Oh, I nearly forgot. You reincarnated, so how could you remember matters from a thousand years ago?” Mo Qiancheng came to a realization. “Not far from this cave, there is a mechanism, you can activate that mechanism to leave.”

Mo Qiancheng pursed his lips before continuing, “Unfortunately, I can’t go to that place. As soon as I go near it, my whole body will go numb. Also, spirit beasts can’t go near there either, otherwise, I would have commanded the spirit beasts inside the illusory realm to open the path for me long ago.”

“Chacha, wait here,” Yun Luofeng ordered with a glance at Chacha.

“Woof woof.” Chacha barked and obediently sat on the ground, anxiously watching Yun Luofeng.

“Don’t worry, I will bring you with me.”

As for the spirit beasts inside God Code Space, as long as they didn’t leave the Space, there should not be any problems.

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