Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1439 - Jue Qian's Treasure (4)

Chapter 1439: Jue Qian’s Treasure (4)

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“Hmm?” As though sensing something, astonishment entered her eyes. “The matrix core of this illusory realm is Mo Qiancheng himself? Jue Qian actually used Mo Qiancheng’s person as a matrix and created this illusory realm?”

If Mo Qiancheng died, then they would certainly be forever trapped in this place!

“If you want to save Mo Qiancheng, he will one day discover you are pretending to be Jue Qian. Are you sure you want to save him?” Ji Jiutian asked in a low voice after he discovered her thoughts.

Yun Luofeng grew silent. If she kept Mo Qiancheng by her side, he would certainly be a time bomb, the type that could explode at any time, and would pose an extremely large threat to her future life. However…

Yun Luofeng looked up. “Mo Qiancheng can’t die! I also must leave here!”

“Alright.” Ji Jiutian’s lips turned up. “No matter what you do, this lord will support your decision.”

Yun Luofeng did not hesitate anymore and placed her hand on Mo Qiancheng’s back, sending spirit energy to his wound.

Thankfully, she had Little Tree’s giant chrysanthemum endless supply of spirit energy to the God Code Space, so there was an abundance of energy that she could employ. Even so, when she was saving Mo Qiancheng, she was not as careful as she was when treating Yun Xiao. Saving his life was enough.

A moment later, the eyelashes of the youth on the ground fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

What entered his sight was a beautiful face, a face that was unrivaled in the world. Her hair gently flew up with the breeze, and an enigmatic light emitted from her pitch-black eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Mo Qiancheng was startled and faintly pursed his lips. “Why did you save me?”

“If you died, Ji Jiutian and I would be forever trapped inside this illusory realm and wouldn’t be able to leave.”

This time, Yun Luofeng did not lie and told him her objective for saving him.

Mo Qiancheng cast down his eyes, a wry smile appearing on his fair and handsome face. “I knew you wouldn’t be worried about me! You would only feel disgust for me, so how could you possibly care about my life?”

Yun Luofeng mercilessly tossed Mo Qiancheng on the ground, the pain from his back causing him to shout. His delicate brows knitted, and he clearly found Yun Luofeng’s attitude unbearable.

“I don’t have many feelings toward you, unlike Jue Qian once did, so I indeed don’t care about your life or death!” The girl’s brows were slightly raised as she calmly said, “Although you did get injured while saving me just now, I haven’t forgotten that you wanted to kill Ji Jiutian and me. Do you think I would be benevolent enough to care about an enemy?”

Mo Qiancheng’s body shuddered, and his head lowered. Even if she was not Jue Qian from a thousand year ago, she still loathed him…

“However…” Yun Luofeng paused briefly before saying, “Back then, Jue Qian did lock you up here with your safety in mind. Ji Jiutian spoke the truth.”

“You are saying…” Mo Qiancheng bit his lips and looked up at Yun Luofeng. “You did not loathe me back then?”

Looking at the youth’s joyful expression, Yun Luofeng could not find it in herself to be cruel.

“Jue Qian is Jue Qian, I am me.”

After all, she was not Jue Qian in the end and did not feel much friendship toward Mo Qiancheng.

“I understand.” Mo Qiancheng bitterly chuckled. “The current you is not the Jue Qian from before. You aren’t as powerful as him, and even your gender has changed to female. I also don’t sense that familiar feeling from you…”

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