Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1438 - Jue Qian's Treasure (3)

Chapter 1438: Jue Qian’s Treasure (3)

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Mo Qiancheng’s mind turned blank, and Yun Luofeng’s words continued to reverberate in his mind.

It is because I’m Jue Qian reincarnated that he would pass on his inheritance to me…

That’s right, how could a person as cautious and haughty as Jue Qian casually pass on his teachings to other people?

It was because it was a girl in front of him that his thoughts did not turn in that direction.

However, when Mo Qiancheng regained his wits, he saw that the powerful force had already reached Yun Luofeng. It was similar to a giant mouth wanting to swallow the girl standing as a barrier in front of Ji Jiutian.

“No, NO!” Mo Qiancheng finally panicked. He madly dashed toward Yun Luofeng, having no qualms about his life in his desire to reach Yun Luofeng before the power swallowed her. When he got there, he extended his arms, blocking the force that had enough power to destroy the heavens.


The force slammed into Mo Qiancheng’s back, and he spat a mouthful of scarlet blood on Yun Luofeng’s lapels, dying them red.

At this moment, the youth did not have his previous pride and strength. His handsome face was ghastly pale, and he appeared as if he was a fragile doll, making people’s heart ache.

“I should hate you. You have injured me so many times and also locked me up here for a thousand year… Yet, why can’t I hate you at a crucial moment?”

“But this is good too. If I can die, then I won’t be in pain anymore and won’t have to wait here. You made me unable to age or die to punish me, but did you know that I really long for death? Jue Qian, if there is a next life, I absolutely won’t fall in love with you again, I absolutely won’t!”

A thousand years of waiting… How could anyone know the pain in his heart?

After a misstep, every subsequent step was wrong. If his love did not turn into hate back then… would he have not lost him then?

“Jue Qian, in truth, I had already decided back then that I would die together with you! If there was a next life and you were a man, then I want to be a woman. If you were a woman, then I want to be a man. Like that… would you not have had a chance to reject me?”

The youth finally heavily fell, planting towards the ground head first. The moment he fell, he could feel a hand pulling on him and the other party’s face appeared to be emotionally stirred…

Wasn’t this enough?

He insisted that he hated him, but could he really hate him? For a thousand years, he had merely been deceiving himself!

The giant dragon’s spirit clearly felt the youth’s condition and released grieved whines one after another. Those whines shook the layers of great clouds away, revealing the azure sky again.

“Jiutian, did I make a mistake?” Yun Luofeng aloofly asked, her eyes downcast.

“No, you didn’t. You merely wanted to live!”

That’s right, she merely wanted to live, which is why she made a bet! She bet on whether Mo Qiancheng still had feelings for Jue Qian. Evidently, she bet correctly! Jue Qian still dominated a large position inside Mo Qiancheng’s heart, and he absolutely could not allow Jue Qian to die here. This was why she uttered that lie.

“Apologies.” Yun Luofeng slowly placed the youth on the ground. “People are selfish. I’m also very selfish. I didn’t want to die here, so I could only deceive you.”

Suddenly, the whole ground started shaking and countless rocks started falling from the sky, as though they wanted to bury the entire world.

“This is bad!” Ji Jiutian’s expression abruptly changed. “Mo Qiancheng can’t die. If he dies, we will be trapped inside the illusory realm forever and can’t leave!”

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