Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1435 - Ji Jiutian's Achilles Heel (6)

Chapter 1435: Ji Jiutian’s Achilles Heel (6)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

“Xiao Hei, I met Ji Jiutian and Jue Qian’s successor…”

The young man pursed his pink lips. “I should have forgotten Jue Qian after all these years, but he’s still in my head and I just can’t forget him.”

The dragon’s soul was struggling and growling. His eyes were full of pain and he looked listless.

“You know what, I didn’t hate Jue Qian for refusing or embarrassing me. When I decided to tell him about the conspiracy of those people, he should have known that I didn’t hate him anymore.”

“But, that b*stard imprisoned me here for thousands of years! In this place, I won’t grow old or die! I have to spend thousands of years here alone! Oh, yes, you’re with me. He left you here to accompany me, and he fixed your soul in your bones so that your soul wouldn’t disappear and you could stay here forever… ”

“But I am a human being! Even though you are here with me, so what? I’m imprisoned here, isolated from the world! How can I not hate him? I can accept him rejecting my love, but I can’t accept him torturing me in this way! Why was he so cruel to me?”

His eyes were full of hatred. He never seemed to understand why Jue Qian imprisoned him here and made him suffer for thousands of years!

“You really don’t understand why Jue Qian kept you here?”

Suddenly, a wicked voice came from the front. Mo Qiancheng’s body tightened and anger welled up within him.

“Ji Jiutian, I didn’t expect you would dare to appear before my eyes again. Since you ran away the other day, why did you come back?”

Ji Jiutian didn’t answer his question, and a mocking gleam flickered across his slanted eyes. “Thousands of years ago, you framed Jue Qian along with his enemies. Did you think those people would spare your life after killing Jue Qian? Those hypocritical old b*stards would never admit that they managed to kill Jue Qian because of a young man’s help!”

“So…” Ji Jiutian’s eyes turned cold, “they would never let you go!”

“Humph!” Mo Qiancheng snorted and proudly raised his chin. “I knew that, but so what? Though I couldn’t be born with Jue Qian, I could die with him. I didn’t regret it!”

Ji Jiutian glanced at him, and gave a wicked smile, “Though you were cruel to Jue Qian, he didn’t treat you the same way. He imprisoned you here just to protect you!”


Ji Jiutian’s words, like a needle, pierced into his heart. It hurt so much that he trembled and his eyes were filled with anger.

“Jue Qian never cared about me! He never talked to me since he refused me! He hated me! He imprisoned me and tortured me because he hated me!”

“I’m telling you the truth, believe it or not.”

The man’s words irritated the young man, who jumped to his feet, released a powerful aura and began to attack Ji Jiutian.

“Shut up. Don’t bullsh*t!

Jue Qian hated him! Otherwise, how could he be so cruel to him? Ji Jiutian said this nonsense to beguile him into sparing his life! Yes, he must be talking nonsense!

His attack was so powerful that Ji Jiutian kept retreating. Mo Qiancheng’s eyes turned red like a lunatic who only wanted to destroy the enemy in front of him!

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