Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1428 - Breakthrough! (5)

Chapter 1428: Breakthrough! (5)

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“Neither Jue Qian nor I expected that Mo Qiancheng would fall in love with him! Mo Qiancheng hated Jue Qian’s guts because he was rejected by Jue Qian and felt that he was humiliated by him. He even had a part in hunting down Jue Qian.”

“However, Mo Qiancheng came to him the day before the hunting against him began. He claimed that if Jue Qian was willing to stay with him, he would save him from this trouble. However, he underestimated Jue Qian who just locked him up…”

Ji Jiutian looked up at Yun Luofeng, and there was a helpless smile on his enchanting face.

“In fact, Jue Qian had a chance to kill Mo Qiancheng, but he finally relented. That man was always like that. He could never be cruel to anyone who had fought with him. After Mo Qiancheng’s spirit beast, namely, the ancestor of the Witchcraft Tribe, died, he sent him into this fantasy land to accompany it…”

“Ancestor of the Witchcraft Tribe? Isn’t it just a pile of bones? How could it accompany him?” Yun Luofeng wondered.

Ji Jiutian laughed, “Who told you it was only a pile of bones? If it was, why did the Witchcraft Tribe enshrine and worship it?”

When Yun Luofeng was going to continue, swishing sounds were heard and countless figures suddenly appeared in the sky and floated above their heads. Their leader was a grey-robed old man who looked grim and murderous. If he stared at you, you would feel as if there was a poisonous snake winding around your neck and trying to suffocate you.

At this time…

Yun Luofeng’s gaze swept across the crowd and fell on an old man behind the grey-robed old man and her face changed. “Aren’t you a member of the Witchcraft Tribe? Why are you here?”

“The Witchcraft Tribe?” The betraying old man guffawed, “The leader of the Witchcraft Tribe is dying, and now I’m a member of the Poison Valley. Yun Luofeng, Ji Jiutian, you don’t deserve the Witchcraft Bone! The Witchcraft Bone shall belong to the Poison Valley.”

Yun Luofeng’s face darkened. She didn’t expect that the Witchcraft Tribe would be attacked when she stayed in the fantasy land in the last three months.

“Feng’er,” Ji Jiutian struggled to his feet and said in a low voice, “run up the hill! Run!”

“No,” Yun Luofeng said, supporting Ji Jiutian, “I won’t leave you behind.”

If Ji Jiutian hadn’t been wounded, it would be as easy as pie for him to kill these people. However, he was seriously wounded by Mo Qiancheng. Though he had taken the spirit herb, he wouldn’t be able to recover in a short time.

“Run?” Xiang Fei smiled darkly, “I’m afraid you don’t have the chance. Ji Jiutian. I thought it would take me some time to deal with you. But even God is helping me! You are wounded! So both of you will die today! ”

There was only one Witchcraft Bone. Anyone who wanted to take it was his enemy!

“Go, kill them!

With no more words, the Poison Valley people rushed toward Ji Jiutian and Yun Luofeng, with a murderous and bloodthirsty gleam in their eyes.

Looking at those pouncing on him, Ji Jiutian laughed. His laughter was wild and domineering and resounded throughout the valley.

“Even though I’m wounded, it is still a breeze to kill you worms!”

At this moment, the man’s red robe was wildly fluttering in the wind and a murderous aura was released from his body, which covered up the whole sky and turned it murky.

The whole valley darkened, and under the powerful aura he just unleashed, these men who rushed towards Ji Jiutian all dropped from the sky and lay on the ground, unable to move as if being pressed down by a huge mountain.

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