Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1425 - Breakthrough! (2)

Chapter 1425: Breakthrough! (2)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

“What did you say?”

The young man was clearly offended by Ji Jiutian’s words, and his eyes were burnt with anger, “Ji Jiutian, do you believe I can kill you now?!”

“I just told the truth.” Ji Jiutian didn’t seem to take the furious young man seriously, and gave a contemptuous smile, “That day, you confessed your love to Jue Qian in public. However, Jue Qian didn’t love men, so he refused you. You became angry from embarrassment and took him as your enemy. What’s more, you even helped those people to frame him!”

The young man’s body slightly trembled, and his fair-skinned face turned pale.

“Ji Jiutian, you bastard, I’m going to kill you! Kill you!”

He thought he was no longer in love with that man after so many years. However, Ji Jiutian’s words exposed his lie. He was so irritated that he began to attack Ji Jiutian like crazy.

“Little Feng’er, go!

At this point, Ji Jiutian pushed Yun Luofeng away and confronted the young man.

Two powerful forces were released from their bodies, destroying the entire valley and making it into ruins. In the fierce gale, two fists collided and the great power tore their clothes into pieces, revealing their white skin.

Of the two men, one was handsome, cute and tall, and the other was peerlessly gorgeous and enchanting! Any woman who saw this scene would be thrilled and couldn’t help but drool.


Yun Luofeng’s attention was focused on their battle, and she didn’t notice their figures at all.

“Ji Jiutian, a thousand years ago, you were stronger than you are now. How come after a thousand years, you’ve gone backward?” The young man stepped back, coldly staring at Ji Jiutian with his bloodshot eyes.

“You haven’t made much progress either.” Ji Jiutian gave a wild and domineering smile, and he looked so mesmerizing in his bright red robe.

“I can kill you a million times for your words alone!” The young man clenched his teeth and ferociously glared at him.

“If you could kill me, I’m afraid you would have done it just now, so I think you can’t kill me now,” Ji Jiutian guffawed and didn’t take him seriously.

The young man snorted, “Don’t you know that this place was created by Jue Qian to trap me?! I can’t go far away from the cave. I can only exert one-tenth of my power if I leave that place! So, you’d better not step into my place, or I’ll torture you to death!”

He would kill anyone who had something to do with Jue Qian!

“If it was a thousand years ago, you couldn’t defeat me, “Ji Jiutian said provocatively, casting a wicked glance at him.

“It was a thousand years ago, not now! During the last thousand years, I never stopped cultivation even though I was trapped here. Although my cultivation speed was low because of the limitation, I still made progress. But you’re going backward!” The young man coldly stared at Jue Qian, “So, this time, you’ll bite the dust!”

The young man knew he couldn’t defeat Ji Jiutian here, so he took one last look at him and sped toward the top of the mountain.

As soon as he left, Yun Luofeng felt that the aura pressing on her disappeared. However, she didn’t look relieved but more solemn.

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