Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1423 - End of Ou Ya (10)

Chapter 1423: End of Ou Ya (10)

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“Where’s Saintess? the leader asked.

“Saintess seemed to go to the dungeon, where she can’t hear the sound here.”

“That’s good.” The leader was relieved to hear that. “Let Saintess leave the Witchcraft Tribe with the Witch Flower and go to Kulong Town to find Miss Yun’s friend. Besides, tell her to stay there for some time and not come back.”


The people all turned pale, because they knew why the leader had given this order.

“The Witchcraft Tribe… may not be able to survive this disaster. But if Saintess is still alive, our Witchcraft Tribe will still revive one day!” The leader sighed, struggled to his feet and said with a wry smile, “I didn’t expect that this would happen to us as soon as Saintess came back.”

“Leader, what about the inheritance… ”

“It’s too late. If the Witchcraft Tribe is attacked while Saintess is taking the inheritance, she’ll be in danger. So send her away as soon as possible.”

“But… Saintess will find out that Miss Yun has entered into the fantasy land and what happened to us sooner or later.”

Upon hearing this, the leader sighed again, “Don’t let her know. Of course, you can tell her about Miss Yun’s entry into the fantasy land, but don’t tell her that the Poison Valley people have also entered into it, and I am poisoned.”

“Yes, Leader.”

“You can leave now. Send some strong masters to protect Saintess and ask them to protect her with their lives!”

Saintess was the only hope of the Witchcraft Tribe.

Even if the Witchcraft Tribe was completely annihilated, she must survive!


Finally, after screening, they chose the two strongest masters of the Witchcraft Tribe to escort Huang Yingying.

Hearing that Yun Luofeng had entered the fantasy land, Huang Yingying insisted on staying here. The leader tried his best to convince her, and finally, Huang Yingying reluctantly agreed to go to Kulong Town to deliver the medicinal herb.

The Witchcraft Tribe people didn’t tell her what happened just now, so she was kept in the dark. It wasn’t until several years later that she learned about everything…

The fantasy land, a valley.

The sun was shining and the scenery was picturesque. Shrouded with white clouds, it was as beautiful as a fairyland.

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and pondered, “I don’t know where the Witch Bone was hidden, but I have a feeling that the more dangerous the place is, the more likely the Witch Bone is there.”


Suddenly, a fierce roar came from the grass nearby. Ji Jiutian reacted quickly and hurriedly pulled Yun Luofeng to his side. A gust of wind shot through the head of a lion as he waved his hand.

“Though it’s a fantasy land, the spirit beasts here can still kill you,” said Ji Jiutian, looking at the white-clad girl next to him.

Yun Luofeng slightly nodded, “I see, but I’m curious about the creator of this fantasy land that is totally an independent world, and even the spirit beasts here are so real.”

“Someone is here.”

Ji Jiutian frowned, pulled Yun Luofeng into the grass nearby and whispered in her ear.

In fact, as soon as Ji Jiutian perceived the existence of someone, Yun Luofeng also felt it. To her surprise, there was someone else in this fantasy land besides her and Ji Jiutian.

Who was this person?

While Yun Luofeng was wondering, an aura quickly reached them from afar. As soon as Yun Luofeng saw the face of the coming person, she suddenly felt that Ji Jiutian’s breathing became heavy and an aggressive aura surged out from his body…


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