Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1422 - End of Ou Ya (9)

Chapter 1422: End of Ou Ya (9)

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Fantasy land?

The leader was even more appalled. How did these people know that their Witchcraft Tribe had a fantasy land? However, thinking that Yun Luofeng and Ji Jiutian had just entered the fantasy land, the leader clenched his teeth, “I won’t let you in!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed and he attacked the old man in the sky. The old man gave a contemptuous smile and looked scornfully at the leader.


Just as the leader’s fist was going to reach the old man, he suddenly felt powerless. He fell down from the air and fell heavily to the ground, leaving a deep pit in the ground.


The Witchcraft Tribe people all changed their faces and rushed up to the leader.

“Cough!” The leader coughed and vomited a mouthful of blood. He clenched his teeth, “How could this be? Why did the poisonous parasite inside me bite me?”

The Witchcraft Tribe was good at applying parasite poison. Whenever they wanted to use parasite poison, they needed to plant a parasite in their bodies in advance. This parasite was called the ‘master parasite’!

“Leader, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to harm you, but you’re too inflexible.”

At this time, an old man walked out of the crowd and stood opposite to the Witchcraft Tribe crowd.

“Did you do something to my master parasite?!” The leader stared him and shouted angrily.

All the other Witchcraft Tribe people glared at the old man as if they wished they could cut him into pieces.

“Leader, you made me do this! I’ve diligently served the Witchcraft Tribe for so many years, but you still refused to promote me to be an elder. If it weren’t for this reason, I would not have betrayed you.” The old man sneered and turned to the people standing in the air, “Masters, I know how to open the fantasy land. Also, a little girl has entered it, accompanied by a man named Ji Jiutian.”

“Ji Jiutian?” The grey-robed old man standing in the sky remained expressionless but his tone was grim, “Ji Jiutian of the West Province Academy? He’s really strong, but… I can handle him! Now open the fantasy land for us. I’ll get the Witch Bone anyway!”

“Stop it!”

The leader snarled. He covered his chest with his hands and gnashed his teeth, “If you dare to let them in, I’ll kill you!”

“Now I’m a member of the Poison Valley. What can you do to me?” The old man laughed contemptuously, “Leader, I still respect you, so my poison won’t kill you right away, but instead will gradually consume your life until you die! This process can take three years, or even five years, during which you can do nothing but suffer in agony!”

If it were someone else, he may not be able to poison the leader, but the leader trusted the people of the Witch Valley too much, which gave him a chance.

Why didn’t Yun Luofeng discover that the leader was poisoned?

It was because the toxin was not in the leader’s body but in his master parasite. Unless she had known about the old man’s plot and specially examined the leader’s body, she wouldn’t be able to find out about it. It was hard to find unless she specifically searched for it.

The betrayer went forward and opened the fantasy land again. In an instant, a ray of light hung in the sky and the people of the Poison Valley went into the fantasy land with the betrayer…


The crowd rushed up to the leader and helped him up. They asked him anxiously, “What should we do now? Since they’ve entered the fantasy land, they’ll surely take the Witch Bone away!”

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