Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1417 - End of Ou Ya (4)

Chapter 1417: End of Ou Ya (4)

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A stunningly beautiful man in bright red stood at the door. With a sardonic smile, he slowly crossed the threshold.

If it were before, seeing Ji Jiutian come, the leader would explain the situation to him first. But now, his gaze was fixed on Huang Yingying’s chest, and his eyes were full of astonishment.

“Why? How could this be?” The leader’s lips quivered, “Why is this pattern on your chest?”

Huang Yingying was stunned. She turned to Yun Luofeng, “Miss Yun, I remember you said my wound would recover in half a month. Why did it recover in less than ten days?”

“The Crescent on your chest can heal you.” Xiao Mo took a look at Huang Yingying and said, “You didn’t trigger its strength, so your wound didn’t recover for a long time. If I am not wrong, its strength was triggered because Ou Ya forced you to exchange blood with her, and then it healed your wound.”

Seeing Huang Yingying show her crescent tattoo, Ou Ya was so scared that she almost passed out. It never occurred to her that a change would happen at such a time.

The leader raised his hand to touch the crescent.


Huang Yingying screamed in shock and quickly hid behind Yun Luofeng, shouting angrily, “You old pervert, what are you trying to do?”

Indeed, the crescent tattoo was located on her chest. It was a no brainer that the leader would be taken as a pervert when he wanted to touch there.

“Xiao Mo.”

Yun Luofeng looked at Xiao Mo and called him.

Xiao Mo immediately understood Yun Luofeng’s meaning and walked toward Ou Ya.

“Stop!” Ou Ya’s face changed and she kept moving back.

Following Yun Luofeng for a long time, Xiao Mo wouldn’t have any pity on an enemy. Seeing Ou Ya keep moving back, he scowled, “One more step, and I’ll kill you right away!”

Ou Ya dared not move any longer and looked at the leader with imploring eyes, but the leader focused his attention on Huang Yingying and didn’t notice her.

Xiao Mo took Ou Ya’s clothes off and handed them to Huang Yingying, “Put them on, in case some old pervert keeps looking at you.”

Hearing this, Huang Yingying blushed and glared at the leader.

“Which of you is the real Saintess?” The leader’s voice trembled, and his eyes kept scanning across Huang Yingying and Ou Ya.

“Leader!” Ou Ya gritted her teeth, “I am the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe. This woman is a fake! She accidentally saw my crescent tattoo and thought it was beautiful, so she made the same one on her chest. You can’t believe this woman.”

Yun Luofeng cast a chilly glance at Ou Ya, “It’s obvious who is a fake. If you are the real Saintess, why did you want to exchange blood with Huang Yingying?”

“Exchange blood?” The leader looked at Ou Ya with questioning eyes. “Why did you want to exchange blood with her?”

“Don’t listen to this woman, leader, I… ”


Ji Jiutian frowned and waved his hand. Before Ou Ya could finish her words, she fell violently on the floor.

Then he turned his eyes to the leader, “I think your Witchcraft Tribe has a way to tell the real Saintess, right?”

The leader paused. There was a way, but…

Thinking of this, the leader made up his mind and said, “Ou Ya, since you claim you are the real Saintess, go with me and take the inheritance now.”

“Leader,” Ou Ya’s face changed radically, ‘I have told you I can’t take it because I have an insidious disease.”

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