Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1412 - God of Plague (7)

Chapter 1412: God of Plague (7)

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“Now, can you get out of here?” Ji Jiutian said coldly. One more glance at Ou Ya would make him throw up.

Ou Ya didn’t dare to say anything more. She quickly turned around and left. The moment she turned around, she burst into tears.

“Saintess,” When she walked out of the room, a maid respectfully reported, “Leader asked to see you.”


Ou Ya thought for a while and nodded, “I see. You can leave now.”

“Yes, Lady Saintess.” The maid then left.

Without any hesitation, Ou Ya headed for the leader’s cultivation room. At this time, in the simply-decorated room, the middle-aged man stood with his back to the door. When he heard the door open, he turned and looked at the woman who appeared at the door.

“Did you go to Ji Jiutian?”

Ou Ya nodded, “Yes, I did.”

Hearing this, the leader’s face changed greatly and his tone became harsh, “I hope you know your responsibility to the Witchcraft Tribe! Don’t you know what kind of a person Ji Jiutian is? How dare you mess with him?”

Since Ou Ya came to the Witchcraft Tribe, it was the first time the leader spoke to her in this tone. She immediately scowled, “I don’t think Ji Jiutian is as horrible as you described. He’s not that murderous.”

Though Ji Jiutian gave her a great pressure and she couldn’t even breathe with that pressure… he still let her leave in the end.

“Ji Jiutian didn’t hurt you?” The leader looked at Ou Ya with strange eyes. “No way! Ji Jiutian is cruel. He would kill a person just because that person said something he didn’t like.”

Ou Ya was stunned.

Was he really so cruel? Then why did he let me go even though I insulted Yun Luofeng whom he claimed as his student? Was it because… Yun Luofeng didn’t matter as much to him as I did to him? Otherwise, why did he let me go?

“By the way,” the leader seemed to think of something and asked, “can that woman, Huang Yingying, really heal your insidious disease?’

Ou Ya frowned, “Yes! Leader, just give Huang Yingying to me, and I’ll be able to take the inheritance within three days.”

“But Huang Yingying is with Ji Jiutian, who would have been angry if we attack her.”

“Leader,” Ou Ya smiled, “I’ll just ask Huang Yingying to help me and I won’t hurt her, so Ji Jiutian won’t be annoyed. Besides, I won’t force her if Huang Yingying refuses me.”

“Ok,” the leader nodded, “I’ll ask someone to bring Huang Yingying to your room. But you must remember that you cannot touch her, nor force her.”

“Leader, you can rest assured. I won’t hurt her.”

Ou Ya lowered her eyes and raised a smile.

She would certainly torture Huang Yingying once she fell into her hands!

And she wouldn’t leave any trace of it and no one would find out about what she did to Huang Yingying…

In the guest room, Huang Yingying was about to go to bed when two maids suddenly pushed the door open and said, “Miss Huang, our Saintess wants to see you.”

Ou Ya?

Huang Yingying asked angrily, “What does she want from me? I’m not going!”

“Miss Huang, our Saintess said, since it was a matter between you and her, she hoped to solve it privately with you. Otherwise, your friends will be in danger.”

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