Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1411 - God of Plague (6)

Chapter 1411: God of Plague (6)

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The man was stunningly beautiful. His slated eyes shone with a wicked light and his face was so gorgeous that he didn’t look like a human being but an elf.

“Get out!”

From beginning to end, the man didn’t even raise his head, and his voice was grim and terrifying.

Ou Ya forced herself to calm down. If she could win this man’s favor, she wouldn’t care about giving up the position of Saintess.

“Master Ji, I’m here to apologize,” Ou Ya lowered her head and guiltily said, “I didn’t know Yun Luofeng and Huang Yingying were your friends. If I knew their relationship with you, I wouldn’t care about the big mistake they made.”

To show her magnanimousness, Ou Ya continued, “And for the sake of Master Ji, I have forgiven them.”

“Oh?” When Ji Jiutian heard this, he raised his head with interest. “Do you mean Little Feng’er did something wrong?”

Ou Ya was pleasantly surprised to see Ji Jiutian answer her, but didn’t show anything on her face.

“Actually, it’s not a big mistake. It’s just that when we were in the Endless City, a man named Nangong Yunyi courted me, but Yun Luofeng liked him, so Yun Luofeng hated me.” Ou Ya lowered her head and looked sad. “She killed all my family in revenge, and there were more than five hundred people! That’s why I hate her so much!” A light of hatred flashed through Ou Ya’s eyes.

It was true that she hated Yun Luofeng, but not because YunLuofeng annihilated the Ou Family, but because Yun Luofeng used to make her so miserable!

If she hadn’t become the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe by luck, she would have been dead!

Ji Jiutian smiled. “Do you mean Little Feng’er had a crush on Nangong Yunyi? As far as I know, Little Feng’er has a fiancé, the Ghost Emperor.”

“That’s why I disdain her,” Ou Ya said with contempt. “Though she already had a fiancé, she still hooked up with other men, and even the old men of the Medical Tower had illicit sexual relations with her, and this was known to everyone in Endless City. President Ji, you are not from the Continent of No Return, so you don’t know her behavior over there.”

Hearing Ou Ya’s words, Ji Jiutian suddenly asked a question that seemed irrelevant.

“Did you know that there is a Ji Family on the Continent of No Return?”

The Ji Family?

Ou Ya paused. She had heard about the Ji Family. But why did Ji Jiutian ask her about this?

Wait? The Ji Family? Ji Jiutian’s family name was also Ji. Was he…

“Are you Master of the Ji Family?” Ou Ya turned pale and her body was wobbly.

What a coincidence! Could the President of the West Province Academy be the Master of the Ji Family?

“No… ” Ji Jiutian moved his red lips and said.

Ou Ya was relieved to hear that. She secretly laughed at herself. How could she connect Ji Jiutian with that Ji Family?

Ji Jiutian’s next words, however, pushed her into the bottom of hell, and she froze.

“The Master of the Ji Family is just my subordinate.”


Ou Ya staggered and supported herself with the doorframe. Trying to calm down, she asked, “What… what did you say?”

Ji Jiutian gave her a wicked glance, “After Little Feng’er went to Endless City, I sent people to collect the information about her. Do you think I don’t know what she did?”

Ou Ya’s lips quivered and she was so afraid that she couldn’t speak.

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