Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1409 - God of Plague (4)

Chapter 1409: God of Plague (4)

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“Are… are you Ji Jiutian, President Ji?” Cold sweat flowed down from the leader’s forehead. He didn’t understand why this God of Plague would show up here.

Yes, the West Province was not worth mentioning, because many years ago, all the strong masters of the West Province were killed.

They were killed by Ji Jiutian!

Therefore, this name was a nightmare not only for people in the West Province but also for those in other provinces! He had been blacklisted by the whole continent, and some people even claimed that they would never get close to anyone with the family name of Ji, or any plant or flower ever touched by Ji Jiutian!

Of course, they had a good reason. A strong master once accidentally stepped on a flower planted by Ji Jiutian, and he was then torn into pieces by him! No one would be able to forget that bloody scene.

Wasn’t Ji Jiutian missing? Why was he here?

“President Ji,” the leader forced a smile, “I didn’t know it was you, so I was so rude. Please forgive me, Elderly Ji.”

Ji Jiutian narrowed his beautiful slanted eyes, “Am I old?”

“Er…” The leader was stunned for a moment. Sensing a dangerous aura emanating from Ji Jiutian, he quickly shook his head, “No, President Ji. You look so young. You never look old.”

Ji Jiutian didn’t like to be called a woman, but what he hated more was to be called old! He looked so young! Why did this guy call him ‘elderly’?

“My student and I came here for a walk only to run into a crazy woman who attacked everyone she saw!” Ji Jiutian’s patronizing gaze swept over Ou Ya and the dangerous aura came out again. “So I don’t want to see this crazy woman again while I’m here.”

The leader froze. What did Jiutian mean? He was going to stay here? Besides, he said he came to the Witch Valley for a walk? He was really good at telling lies!

“President Ji,” the leader laughed dryly, “this place is too small for you. I’m afraid you won’t be able to live comfortably here.”

“It doesn’t matter. My student loves living in places like this, where she can enjoy the scenery while torturing people she doesn’t like when she’s free.” Ji Jiutian smiled and turned to Yun Luofeng, “Am I right? Little Feng’er?”

Ji Jiutian was literally telling the leader that he came here to make trouble for him, so he should be careful.

“In that case, President Ji, this way please,” the leader said respectfully. It was unwise to offend this Lord of the Plague here. He regained his composure and ordered coldly, “Servants, prepare four rooms!”

“Yes, Leader!”

Some people immediately respectfully welcomed Ji Jiutian and Yun Luofeng in, for fear that the God of Plague would be annoyed.

Ou Ya looked at their receding figures sourly, “Leader, who is this man? He is nothing but a small president of the West Province. Why are you so afraid of him?”

“A small president? Haha.” The leader sneered and cast a contemptuous glance at her. “Do you know why the West Province lags behind other provinces, though it had little difference from other provinces in strength before?”

“It was because of Ji Jiutian!” The leader took a deep breath, “You don’t know how horrible this man is! On this continent, I can say, very few people dare to offend him! Yes, our Witchcraft Tribe is very powerful, but even I don’t dare to offend him!”

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