Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1406 - God of Plague (1)

Chapter 1406: God of Plague (1)

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Huang Yingying clenched her fists and trembled all over. Her eyes were filled with hatred and she stared fixedly at Ou Ya’s sneering face.

“Ou Ya, I came here to avenge my family and take back the only thing my mother left me with. Give it back to me, the sapphire hairpin on your head!”

A flustered light flashed through Ou Ya’s eyes, but soon she calmed down and gave Huang Yingying a contemptuous smile, “Huang Yingying, the sapphire hairpin is mine. You tried to steal it from me but failed. How dare you claim this sapphire hairpin belonged to your mother?”

“You…” Huang Yingying blushed with anger, and the hatred in her eyes grew more intense.

“Guards, get these thieves!” Ou Ya flicked her sleeves and ordered in a cold voice.

The guards looked at each other but didn’t follow her order.

Ou Ya scowled, “Didn’t you hear me? Get these people, now!”

“Well,…” one of the guards reported to her after hesitating for a while, “this man is President Ji Jiutian of the West Province Academy.”

Ji Jiutian, the man who used to shake the whole West Province. He alone killed almost all the strong masters in the West Province. After that, the West Province lagged behind other provinces in strength for many years.

Who dared to provoke such a horrible person?

“The West Province?” Ou Ya sneered contemptuously, “It’s said that the West Province is the weakest one among the seven provinces. Why should our Witchcraft Tribe be afraid of a power from the West Province?”

After coming to the Seven Province Continent, Ou Ya had figured out the powers on it, so she knew that the West Province was undoubtedly the weakest one among the Seven Provinces. How could such a weak province be compared with the rest? That was why she didn’t take Ji Jiutian seriously.

“You’re too noisy.”

A grim smile appeared on Ji Jiutian’s enchanting face, and he waved his hand. Before Ou Ya could react, a power suddenly struck her and slammed her body away with a thud.

Ou Ya widened her eyes in shock. She never expected that this man would attack her in the Witchcraft Tribe.

“I hate noisy women. If you weren’t the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe, I would have cut off your tongue.”

The man looked gorgeous but spoke like a devil. Ou Ya felt her heart was instantly wrapped by an aura from hell.

“Who dares to attack our Saintess here?” Suddenly, a cold voice resounded throughout the sky as if it came from another world.

When Ou Ya heard the voice, a gleam of joy flashed through her eyes and she hurriedly shouted, “Leader, help me!”

Then a middle-aged man in a snow-white robe slowly landed from the sky. This man looked as graceful as an immortal, his hands clasped behind his back and his pitch black hair fluttering in the wind. He turned his cold gaze to the people outside the gate.

Ou Ya got up from the ground. Though Ji Jiutian didn’t exert all his strength, she still felt that her insides were aching, as if there was a force running through her body.

“Leader, that woman in white is Yun Luofeng who I mentioned to you. I didn’t expect that she would dare to come here.”

Ou Ya clenched her teeth, “The woman next to her is Huang Yingying. I used to be her brother’s fiancée! But she is a thief and tried to steal my sapphire hairpin. Though I found out about it, the Huang Family people still tried to shield her. I was so angry that I annulled the marriage.”


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