Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1405 - Saintess (10)

Chapter 1405: Saintess (10)

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Saying no more, Ou Ya turned around and walked out.

The moment she turned around, the triumphant smile on her face grew wider and she thought, The Witchcraft Tribe people are really gullible! Seeing the sapphire hairpin and crescent tattoo, they immediately believed that I am the Saintess. As for the inheritance, I just made an excuse at random and he also believed me.

If it were someone else, maybe Ou Ya wouldn’t be able to fool them. But the Witchcraft Tribe people barely socialized and didn’t experience many intrigues, so they were so simple and gullible! She made such an excuse because she knew that there wasn’t any physician in the Witchcraft Tribe.

After all… if she did go take that inheritance, her real identity would be exposed.

Unfortunately, Huang Yingying was dead. Otherwise, she could exchange her blood with her via a secret technique of her family, and then she would be able to enter the inheritance…

Thinking of this, Ou Ya was a bit upset. It seemed that she had to find a way to get through this.

By this time, Yun Luofeng and her companions had reached the peak of Witch Valley, and a bronze gate came into their sight.

“This is Witch Valley,” Yun Luofeng pondered for a while, with an unfathomable gleam in her eyes, “Let’s go.”

She had to go into Witch Valley, whether it was to save Hong Luan or to solve Ou Ya…

At the entrance of Witch Valley, two men were guarding the gate. They were surprised when they saw Yun Luofeng and her companions.

“Who are you? Why did come to our Witch Valley?”

When Yun Luofeng was going to speak, Ji Jiutian stepped forward. His red robe was gently fluttering in the wind and he looked so unruly and wicked.

“Go tell your leader that Ji Jiutian of the West Province Academy has come to visit him.”

The name Ji Jiutian was not only well-known in the West Province, but also known to the other provinces. To the guards’ surprise, the man, whose name had long been known to the people on this continent, looked so… young!

After saying this, Ji Jiutian turned his eyes to the girl’s gorgeous face and chuckled, “Normally, I don’t like fighting.”

However, once he fought, he would… annihilate his enemy’s entire family!

“What happened?”

Just then, a voice came from inside the door. Soon, a white-clad woman stepped out of the gate, surrounded by a lot of maids. When the woman saw these people in front of her, her face changed.

“Yun Luofeng! What are you doing here? And you… Huang Yingying, you’re still alive?!”

Ou Ya didn’t know Ji Jiutian, so, she didn’t know how horrible this red-robed man in front of her was.

The moment Huang Yingying spotted Ou Ya, her eyes turned bloodshot. She glared at Ou Ya intently. If she hadn’t kept telling herself that she couldn’t defeat Ou Ya now, she would have rushed forward and torn this woman into pieces!

“Ou Ya, you killed my parents, my entire family. Now I’m here to take revenge on you!”

“Revenge?” Ou Ya laughed contemptuously, “You want revenge on me? I am now the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe. But who are you? You are just a lowly commoner. What makes you think you can take your revenge? But thank God you’re still alive!”

Ou Ya seemed not to be ashamed of snatching Huang Yingying’s identity at all but took it for granted. She acted as if she was really the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe…

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