Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1396 - Saintess (1)

Chapter 1396: Saintess (1)

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In the beginning, Yun Luofeng thought the girl had mistaken her for someone else. It wasn’t until she wrote her name down that she was certain the girl before her wanted to find her indeed. “How do you know my name?” Yun Luofeng asked with raised brows, her bewitching eyes slowly surveying the girl. She was certain that she had never met this girl before today!

The girl continued to write, “I’m from the Huang Family. It was Nangong Yunyi who told me to come here to find you and said you could help me!”

Nangong Yunyi?

Yun Luofeng was startled. When she first eradicated the three great clans, only Ou Ya of the Ou Family was not inside Endless City, so she sent people from the Physician Tower to the Huang Family. She was not sure what the result was since she had already left the Land of No Return at that point in time. If she guessed correctly, then the girl in front of her was the daughter of the Huang Family, Huang Yingying, also the younger sister of Ou Ya’s fiancé.

“Huang Yingying?” Recalling this name, Yun Luofeng called out with certainty.

Huang Yingying did not expect Yun Luofeng to know about her, and her eyes brimmed with emotion. She quickly wrote down the whole story on the paper. After seeing the content of the paper, Yun Luofeng grew silent.

“Back then, Ou Ya came and sought shelter at the Huang Family. We did not know what had happened to her inside Endless City! By the time news from Endless City had arrived, Ou Ya had already stolen my hairpin and planned to secretly leave.”

“This hairpin was a remnant left to me by my mother and it has supposedly been passed down each generation. My mother originally came from a clan of the Seven Province Continent. My mother’s clan was once powerful inside the continent, but deteriorated as time passed by! It was to protect their peace that the whole clan moved to Land of No Return.”

“When Ou Ya stole my hairpin, I was very furious and went to confront her by myself. Since Ou Ya gave people a kind impression, I could understand her stealing the hairpin and running away, but I did not expect her to kill me without any scruples in order to keep her actions a secret!”

“What was coincidental was that Nangong Yunyi had brought people of the Physician Tower to capture Ou Ya that day and discovered me on the brink of death. It was people of the Physician Tower who saved me, but my throat was too severely injured, so I am unable to speak.”

“However…” The girl’s pen paused for a moment and she switched to another piece of paper before writing the rest down. “After Ou Ya left, people from the Physician Tower and the Huang Family both hunted for her. Unexpectedly, two people came to the Huang Family not a year later and annihilated the whole family! It was at that time that I understood Ou Ta had actually gone to the Seven Province Continent and became the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe! Because Ou Ya thought I was already dead, I was able to escape that calamity…”

Ou Ya became the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe?

Yun Luofeng’s face abruptly darkened. “Did anything happen to the Physician Tower and the Ya Family?” If Ou Ya annihilated the Huang Family, then her next target would be the Physician Tower and the Ya Family!

Huang Yingying shook her head. “Those people left after annihilating the Huang Family, so the Physician Tower is fine for now. But if we don’t eradicate Ou Ya, it’s very possible that she will harm the Physician Tower.”

In truth, after Ou Ya sent people to decimate the Huang Family, it was not that she did not want to destroy the Physician Tower as well. It was only because she had just become the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe and did not know the status of the Saintess inside the Tribe, so she merely had the tribe leader send the two maidservants attending to her to annihilate the Huang Family.

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