Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1394 - Witchcraft Tribe (6)

Chapter 1394: Witchcraft Tribe (6)

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“Leader.” A glint sparked in the white-dressed girl’s eyes as a smile appeared on her lips. “Yesterday, I did a divination on the future of the Witchcraft Tribe and saw that a girl named Yun Luofeng will appear and destroy the Witchcraft Tribe. Leader, you must immediately send people to go the Land of No Return and kill Yun Luofeng!”

When she said this name, a bone-deep hatred shone in her eyes. She clearly hated Yun Luofeng to death. The leader did not notice the girl’s oddness and asked with a light frown, “Saintess, are you sure that a girl named Yun Luofeng will destroy the Witchcraft Tribe?”

“I’m the Saintess. Since I said this, then it’s certainly true! Don’t you want to protect the peace of the Witchcraft Tribe?” The white-dressed girl snorted and coldly ordered, “If you still consider me as the Saintess, then go kill Yun Luofeng! I will definitely protect the well being of your Witchcraft Tribe for thousands of years.”

After saying this, the girl stepped into the horizon with a flick of her clothes and quickly disappeared from the middle-aged man’s sight. The man’s expression was livid, and he tightly clenched his fists, forcefully calming the rage in his heart. “I’m the leader of the Witchcraft Tribe and a powerful sage lord cultivator! Yet I am now ordered around by a little girl with mediocre strength. If it weren’t for your status as the Saintess, I would have kicked you out of the Witchcraft Tribe ages ago!”

This saintess had arrived at the Witchcraft Tribe not too long ago. The Witchcraft Tribe had ceaselessly searched for the Saintess for many years, but they did not expect to find her in the Land of No Return…

The white-dressed girl did not go too far away. She walked to the bank of a creek and stared at her reflection in the water, a chilly smile appearing on her lips.

See how successful I am right now? No matter how great you are Yun Luofeng, you are nothing but a tiny Tower Master inside Endless City! But I, I have already become the almighty Saintess! You won’t be able to surpass me in your lifetime!

If Yun Luofeng was here, she would certainly be able to guess that this girl was a fugitive from the Ou Family of Endless City – Ou Ya!

Also, she was the woman that Nangong Yunyi had once pursued!

Back then, the Ou Family was eradicated by Yun Luofeng, but Ou Ya had escaped this calamity because she was heading toward her fiancé’s clan. Later, she was deeply afraid that Yun Luofeng would come to her fiancé’s clan, so she stole a hairpin from her fiancé’s younger sister and planned to discreetly leave.

Who would have thought that her fiancé’s sister would discover her in the act of stealing? To prevent other people from finding out, she pierced the throat of her fiancé’s sister and hastily left. Because she was hunted during her journey, she did not dare to sell the hairpin and kept it on her. She never expected that this hairpin would be the token of the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe!

Ou Ya gently touched the hairpin on her head, and her smile turned more boastful as a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

Beside this hairpin, the tattoo on her body was also why she was able to get away with this. Back then, she saw a moon mark on the chest of her fiancé’s sister and found it very beautiful, so she had someone tattoo it on her. It was precisely this tattoo that verified her status as the Saintess…

“Yun Luofeng! My current status is not something that you can surpass anymore! The pain you brought to my Ou Family, I will return it right back to you one day! Also that damn Huang Family! I merely stole Huang Yingying’s hairpin. Why did they have to hunt me to my death?”

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