Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1393 - Witchcraft Tribe (5)

Chapter 1393: Witchcraft Tribe (5)

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“This lord will go protect Little Feng’er.” Ji Jiutian smiled. “However, this lord respects you greatly. You first cut open your heart for her, and now, to protect her, you are willing to allow another man to go protect her. If this lord were you, I wouldn’t be able to go so far.”

Yun Xiao coldly remarked, “So you won’t obtain her.”

Ji Jiutian was domineering and powerful, but Yun Luofeng’s personality was the same. If it were Ji Jiutian by her side instead, they would certainly argue and fight every day and night! She did not need a man who was powerful, she needed someone willing to hide all of their light for her…

Without a doubt, Yun Xiao was a man like that!

On the outside, he killed without batting an eye and was heartless to a fault! It was only toward Yun Luofeng that he was willing to arrange everything for her and would give her the empire that he obtained without reserve. From the start, he had laid down his pride, as apparent through his gesture of becoming a guard by her side. Only a man willing to embark on the battlefield with her could accompany her for her whole life!

Ji Jiutian slightly narrowed his eyes and stated with a faint smile, “Why do I think it was because you appeared first that she chose you? Ghost Emperor, this lord admits that I only approached this girl because of an old friend. But the more that this lord got closer to her, the more mesmerizing I found her to be. Even though I have never accompanied her, someone has reported everything that she has experienced to me.”

He slowly walked toward the Ghost Emperor, a smile appearing on his unworldly face, as he imperiously warned, “So you better not do anything to let Little Feng’er down. Otherwise, this lord will certainly take her away and make sure you won’t see her again for all of eternity!”

In truth, Ji Jiutian did have affection for Yun Luofeng. As for love…

Thinking to this point, Ji Jiutian laughed in self-derision. He doubted he could truly love anyone!

“You won’t have this chance.” Yun Xiao’s tone was very certain. He would never give Ji Jiutian this chance.

“Let’s hope so, haha.” Ji Jiutian madly chuckled and then started walking toward the base of the mountain with a swish of his red sleeves. His wild and uninhibited laughter continued to reverberate in the eerie valley.

Witch Valley.

Inside the valley, a middle-aged man sat on a stone stool and was flipping through a book. A tribe member hastily came to report, “Tribe leader, Lady Saintess is here.”

“The Saintess is here?” The leader of the tribe was startled. He stood up and immediately saw a girl wearing a white ruqun slowly walking over. This girl was plainly dressed but appeared stunningly beautiful. There was a sapphire hairpin on her head, a symbol of her status as the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe.

The Saintess had great power inside the Witchcraft Tribe, and even the tribe leader had to be polite to her. This was because their ancestor had left a prophecy that the Saintess was someone who could transform the Witchcraft Tribe. If they found the Saintess, they must treat her deferentially, and her power would be above most. Hence, the arrival of the Saintess was marked by pomp and circumstance. A group of maidservants wearing white dresses as well closely followed her, highlighting her beauty.

“Why did you come, Saintess?” the tribe leader asked with a furrow of his brows. The Saintess had a bad temper, but their ancestor had left rules behind, so they could only go along with her. The Saintess was afraid that other women in the valley would be more beautiful than her, so she instantly dismissed all of the beautiful women inside the valley and instead recruited a group of people with average looks.

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