Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1392 - Witchcraft Tribe (4)

Chapter 1392: Witchcraft Tribe (4)

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The cyan-robed man turned his head in embarrassment. Xiao Mo and Huohuo also hurriedly covered their eyes, but secretly peeked at the kissing duo through the cracks between their fingers…

Their unreal perfection was like a mural.

When their kiss ended, Yun Xiao released the girl in his embrace and gently said, “Go then. You must pay attention to your safety.”

Yun Luofeng nodded before ordering, “Xiao Mo, Huohuo, let’s go!” She sent a final glance toward Yun Xiao before turning in departure.

Not long after she left, Yun Xiao coldly commanded, “You take care of this woman.”

Hong Luan remained here by herself, so she required someone to take care of her. In his lifetime, Yun Xiao was only willing to take care of Yun Luofeng! Hence, he immediately left Hong Luan to his subordinate and strode out with large steps.

Raging flames continued to engulf the desolate little town, but Yun Xiao did not bother looking at those people and walked to the forest outside of the town. When he found a remote location, he pulled out a jade stone out of nowhere and with a pinch the stone turned into powder in his hand.
This was initially given to him by Ji Jiutian! They had fought to their heart’s content during that fight, so Ji Jiutian left a stone for Yun Xiao to crush if he wanted to continue fighting someone, and he would appear at any time!

Not long after the jade stone was crushed, an enticing red figure appeared in the horizon, charging over. His laughter was incredibly confident and unruly, making Yun Xiao’s complexion darken.

The man descended from the sky, his skin fair like cream, his lips red like blood, and his features like a painting, his red clothes fiery like a fire, so beautiful that he did not appear to be human. Especially the red mole between his brows, it turned his demeanor more seductive and bewitching. If it was a woman standing before him, perhaps she would not be able to resist this temptation…

“Ghost Emperor, you want to continue fighting with me?” Ji Jiutian’s brows were slightly raised and his chin tilted up. His expression was haughty and coldly devilish.

Yun Xiao was as expressionless as always. “Feng’er headed for the Witchcraft Tribe.”

Ji Jiutian raised his brows. “Why are you telling this to me?”

“I hope that you can go and protect her.”

“Oh?” An enticing smile appeared on Ji Jiutian’s lips. “You want this lord to go protect Little Feng’er? Why don’t you go yourself?”

“She doesn’t want me to go.” Yun Xiao paused briefly before continuing, “I don’t wish to do anything that will make her unhappy.”

In truth, Yun Xiao was well aware of his body’s current condition. He also understood that if he insisted on going, he would certainly cause worry to his beloved woman. This was not what he wanted to see! Ji Jiutian’s strength was not too different from his. If he went, it would not be difficult for him to guarantee Yun Luofeng’s safety.

“Aren’t you afraid of this lord stealing Little Feng’er away while you are unprepared?” Ji Jiutian smiled, a glint flashing through his seductive eyes.

Yun Xiao sent a cold glance at Ji Jiutian’s enticing face. “Feng’er would not be interested in a sissy man like you.”

Ji Jiutian’s appearance abruptly darkened. It was a while before his lips turned up with a smile. “If this lord wasn’t afraid that it would sadden Little Feng’er, this lord truly doesn’t want to easily spare you!”

“Same here.”

If Ji Jiutian did pose a threat to Yun Luofeng, Yun Xiao also would not spare him. He would eradicate every enemy beside Yun Luofeng, but he also would not harm anyone who had once helped her.

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