Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1390 - Witchcraft Tribe (2)

Chapter 1390: Witchcraft Tribe (2)

This was her only regret.

“However, even I die here, I will use everything I have to buy more time for them.”

Hong Luan’s strength continued to degenerate with no end in sight. But she had abandoned all caution and released every last bit of her spirit energy into the air. It turned into several dragons in the sky that darted towards the experts. Unfortunately, Hong Luan was too weak. Her remaining strength was similar to a cup of water in the wide ocean and was instantly submerged.

“I’m sorry. I have done my best, but I still couldn’t fulfill my promise to you.” Hong Luan wavered. She could not resist it in the end and planted head-first on the ground. The sword in her hand also slipped down and fell on to the ground with a crisp bell-like clang.

Out of nowhere, an arm extended from behind her and tightly pulled Hong Luan back. Hong Luan started. She wearily opened her eyes, and an immortal-like white figure appeared to her eyes. The person’s black hair fluttered in the sky, beautiful like a picture.

“Yun Luofeng…” Seeing the girl pulling on her, a faint smile turned up on Hong Luan’s lips. Her voice was undeniably light as it rung in the noisy surroundings. “You succeeded?”

She succeeded…

She fulfilled her promise to her!

“Hong Luan, you’ve worked hard. Sleep. When you wake up, everything will be resolved.”

“Okay.” Hearing this, Hong Luan closed her eyes. She was truly too exhausted and completely spent to her bones, so she fell asleep without even laying down.

“Xiao Mo, bring her inside to rest.” Yun Luofeng handed Hong Luan to Xiao Mo first before turning to look at the people behind her.

“Feng’er.” The man’s black robes fluttered in the air. His face was as stiff as always, devoid of any expression unless he was facing Yun Luofeng. Even if the people before him wanted to eradicate him…

“They came here for me. Then… I will kill them with my own hands!”


Within seconds, an austere and murderous aura exploded out of the man, unrivaled in its strength.

Everyone was stupefied. “The Ghost Emperor… he broke through to sage lord?”


Whenever a sage-lord cultivator appeared on the continent, an abnormality in the sky would occur, so how did Ghost Emperor break through to sage lord silently without any warning? Hong Luan reached sage lord because she consumed medicine, so her strength was unstable and could not bring out the full power of a sage lord cultivator. Otherwise, she would have been able to take care of these people in 7 minutes, let alone 15! The man in front of them though, he was a true sage-lord cultivator! And the strongest cultivator among them was merely advanced-rank sage-god!

“Run!” Everyone looked at each other with hesitation before turning and escaping. But how could Yun Xiao give them the chance to leave?


Just as they took a few steps, intense flames suddenly appeared underneath them, casting a red glow on the entire sky. Their heart-wrenching screams reverberated in the air.

Kulong Town was a quiet little town, especially since all the residents had moved away after the Ghost Emperor arrived. But now, Kulong Town was engulfed in a giant fire that did not dissipate for several days, and anguished wails originated from the town, causing people to not dare to take a single step into the town for many years.

“Yun Xiao!” Seeing Yun Xiao stagger, Yun Luofeng hurriedly went up and supported him. “Your injuries haven’t recovered yet, leave it to me to handle matters within my capabilities.”

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