Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1389 - Witchcraft Tribe (1)

Chapter 1389: Witchcraft Tribe (1)

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Hong Luan coolly watched the strong cultivators charging toward her. Her complexion unconsciously whitened but she did not back down at all and stood firmly in front of the door like an enormous mountain.

“Dammit!” She harshly clenched her teeth as she felt her strength slowly leaking out. “I wonder if Yun Luofeng is done yet, I can’t hold on for much longer…”

For as long as she breathed, she absolutely would not allow these people to advance a single step!
Hence, watching the crowd swarming toward her, Hong Luan charged into the enemies without a second thought. Her red clothes flew in the air as she killed people without hesitation, but anyone could see that Hong Luan’s power was rapidly ebbing away, and even her resistance appeared weak.

Fwoosh! Pshu !

A long sword slashed across her arm, and her sleeve ripped open, sending blood in the air. It was similar to the most beautiful color in the world raining from the sky.

“Girl, do you still not plan to stand down now?” an old man walked up and arrogantly questioned, icily looking down on Hong Luan stubbornly holding on.

Hong Luan tightly clutched her injured arm, her features brimming with a domineering aura that could not be overlooked. “I am afraid of anything but death! I have previously said that you must step over my corpse if you want to enter this room!”

Due to the wearing off of the pill, Hong Luan’s strength dropped from sage lord to sage god, and from sage god to sage king…

Unfortunately, the regression did not stop when it reached Hong Luan’s original strength. It continued dropping and dropping, until sage level, god level…

When the people who came to eradicate the Ghost Emperor saw her level drop, they all laughed loudly into the sky, their arrogant laughter resounding on the silent street.

“Little miss, I didn’t expect the repercussions for raising your strength to be that serious! It actually turned you into a trash!”

If she continued regressing at that rate, Hong Luan’s strength would deplete completely, and she would become a trash from top to bottom. Hong Luan’s heart tightened, and she tightly clutched her injured arm. Even she didn’t imagine the consequences of consuming the fruit would be so serious. However, she did not regret it!

“I am quite curious though, who is the Ghost Emperor to you? That you would save him without reserve?” The elderly man snorted and derisively glanced at Hong Luan, his tone disdainful.
Hong Luan looked up, icily watching the crowd in front of her. “Nothing can be done, who told the Ghost Emperor to be my Yun Luofeng’s man? If he died, she would definitely be broken-hearted, so all I can do is to protect him with my life!”

“Moreover…” Hong Luan paused before remarking in contempt, “you people are truly shameless and thick-faced. Bodhi’s Heart was obtained by the Ghost Emperor, but you hunted and intercepted him for some false poisonous sounding reason! Even without Yun Luofeng, if I saw people like you, I would certainly fight for justice!”

“Humph, it’s useless to say anymore! Little girl, since you chose to help the Ghost Emperor, then today, I will use your death as a sacrifice for the brothers and sisters who lost their lives in this battle!”


Instantly, all of the experts’ auras exploded into the air. Hong Luan tightly clenched the sword in her hand and looked the people before her, covering heaven and earth…

“Perhaps, I, Hong Luan, will truly lose my life here! My only regret in this life is that I was unable to carve my mark on this world to prove myself to Father.”

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