Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1387 - Her Heartache (9)

Chapter 1387: Her Heartache (9)

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Shortly after that, the little chrysanthemum startled rapidly growing and eventually became a giant chrysanthemum that was bigger than a large tree. In truth, this was merely a seed that resembled a chrysanthemum. Little Tree was using it to rescue God’s Code Space. Oh right, no, it was to rescue his food source. As for why it was shaped like a chrysanthemum, Little Tree also did not know…

Inside the room, both Xiao Mo and Yun Luofeng did not notice Little Tree’s departure nor did they not have the presence of mind to pay attention to the scene occurring inside God’s Code Space. Hence, they did not know a chrysanthemum was robustly flourishing into maturation inside the Space.

“Master, not much longer, the God’s Code Space can’t hold on much longer.” Xiao Mo’s looked at Yun Luofeng with a pale face. “If you don’t finish treating Yun Xiao, the Space will crumble soon.”

The spirit energy that Yun Luofeng normally utilized was merely a thread. It was like slowly sampling tea and completely unlike now, where it was like chugging water. Regardless of big the water bottle was, it still could not withstand this type of drinking.

“Xiao Mo, I am about to succeed, hold on a little longer.”

They have already reached this step, so Yun Luofeng was unwilling to give up. Even if she had to forsake her life, she was still unwilling to let Yun Xiao bear that type of pain!

Xiao Mo’s body was somewhat shaky. He glanced at Yun Luofeng, and determination slowly crept into his bright eyes.

“Master, do you still remember the identity that I mentioned to you?” Xiao Mo smiled. “My existence was created from the spirit energy of God’s Code Space. Since a majority of the spirit energy inside the Space is consumed by me, if this continues, you will die for certain.”

“However…” He looked up, his clear eyes glittering. “Since my body is created by the Space’s spirit energy, I can also turn myself back into a stream of spirit energy and relieve Yun Xiao’s pain.”

“Xiao Mo!” Yun Luofeng’s heart abruptly clenched. “The Space should be able to hang on. Didn’t you say before that the spiritual energy of God’s Code Space has an endless supply and is inexhaustible? Even if it’s not as exaggerated as you said, it should be able to hold on a little longer.”

Xiao Mo shook his head. “As the guardian spirit of God’s Code Space, no one knows what is the limit of the spirit energy inside the Space, so I can’t keep mobilizing it. At least, I can’t allow you to die!”

Once the Space collapsed, they would both die. So, it would be better to have him be the sole departure. He was an existence that did not have a life to begin with, and it was God’s Code Space that gave him a consciousness and allowed him to meet Master… and Xiao Bai.

Xiao Mo did not understand why he thought of that foolishly adorable girl at a time like this.

“Xiao Mo!’ Yun Luofeng’s face abruptly transformed. “I’m unwilling to allow Yun Xiao to suffer pain, but I’m also unwilling to allow you to leave! So don’t do anything stupid!”

“Master, I’m already satisfied that I got the chance to meet you in this life. Right, remember to tell Xiao Bai that if I can reincarnate like humans do, I want to marry her in the next life.”

However, he knew this was simply wishful thinking. He was nothing but a spirit entity, he did not have a life nor did he have a soul, so how could he reincarnate? If he disappeared, he would never exist on this world ever again…

“Feng’er.” Seeing Xiao Mo about to sacrifice himself, Yun Xiao raised his hand and took Yun Luofeng’s hand in his. “You have done enough already. Rather than letting him disappear, I am willing to suffer the pain.”

How could Yun Xiao not understand Xiao Mo’s importance to her? If Xiao Mo really lost his life because of this, then… she would definitely live the rest of her life in pain.

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