Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1386 - Her Heartache (8)

Chapter 1386: Her Heartache (8)

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The current Hong Luan was like a warrior suited in red armor with a long sword in her grasp!

Sweeping everything before her and killing countless people!

Ever since several months ago when she left East Province with Yun Luofeng, she had come to a realization of the formidable enemies in her future. Moreover, for Yun Luofeng, even if she had to bear the consequences of raising her strength, she absolutely wouldn’t regret it!

Inside the room, Yun Luofeng was completely focused on opening Yun Xiao’s heart to extract the essence blood and was in the dark about the events outside the house. But she believed in Hong Luan. She believed that she could definitely hold off those people!

Yun Xiao’s gaze was glued to Yun Luofeng. Perhaps because Xiao Mo endlessly provided spiritual energy to him from God’s Code Space, he did not feel too much pain. Even so, there was still a tinge of pain. Hence, Yun Xiao’s gaze had slowly moved toward Yun Luofeng and he reminisced about the times he spent with the girl in bed to distract himself.

“Master.” Sweat cascaded down Xiao Mo’s forehead, and his face was somewhat pale as he turned to Yun Luofeng. “Although there’s an abundance of spiritual energy inside God’s Code Space, and I’ve even said that the Space can provide spiritual energy for you without limit, but in truth… the spiritual energy inside God’s Code Space can be used up. I can already sense that this consumption is too great, and the God’s Code Space can’t hold on for much longer.”

Yun Luofeng’s brows did not even furrow. “Keep holding on!”

“Alright.” Xiao Mo did not say anything else, he used his hand to send the spiritual energy into Yun Xiao’s body to alleviate the pain of dissecting his heart.

“Feng’er, enough…” Yun Xiao lightly frowned. “I can withstand the rest. Have Xiao Mo stop.”

“If you don’t want me to consume more, then shut up!” Yun Luofeng fiercely hollered. As soon as she remembered how Yun Xiao hid such an important matter from her, she became extremely displeased.
Yun Xiao glanced at Xiao Mo, whose body had begun to tremble, and his heart abruptly clenched. His hands by his side also tightly balled into fists…

Little Tree looked at Yun Luofeng then at the deathly pale Xiao Mo. He lifted his hand to scratch his butt before pulling out a chrysanthemum from his anus. That’s right, it was truly a little yellow chrysanthemum.

Huohuo speechlessly glanced at Little Tree. Was this guy’s anus a treasure bag? Why did it have everything?

After Little Tree fished out a chrysanthemum, he directed the vines to firmly bind Yun Xiao in place and went to God’s Code Space.

God’s Code Space, originally abundant with spiritual energy, now appeared very desolate. The medicinal herbs planted in the medicinal fields had all withered and fell apart with the wind.
As soon as he saw what had become of his food source, Little Tree immediately turned furious, so angry that his hair stood on its end and his eyes burned red.

If God’s Code Space was a person, Little Tree would immediately go and beat him up! However, Little Tree could not beat up God’s Code Space and could only think of a solution to save the Space that was on the verge of collapsing. Most importantly, he had to rescue his sustenance!

As a result, Little Tree found a spot with a relatively good location and planted the young chrysanthemum he pulled from his anus. It was not until he saw the little chrysanthemum starting to grow that he clapped and nodded in satisfaction.

The crumbling of God’s Code Space was a trivial matter, but the loss of his food source was a gargantuan matter! How could he withstand starvation?

However, the growth of the chrysanthemum was a bit slow, and Little Tree was not content, so he opened his pants and started peeing on the little chrysanthemum…

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