Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1385 - Her Heartache (7)

Chapter 1385: Her Heartache (7)

“The same to you.” Hong Luan gave Yun Luofeng one last look before turning and leaving. The cyan-robed man originally wanted to follow, but Hong Luan merely sent him an indifferent glance and remarked, “You are too weak, you are better off staying. I alone will be enough for them.”

Hearing the girl’s ruthless words, embarrassment entered the man’s expression. He wanted to tell her she was merely an intermediate-rank sage-king level, but Hong Luan had already slammed the door shut with a bang.

The streets were aflutter with the sound of horse hooves and a sea of people were charging forward atop handsome horses. The strength of these people was all above the sage-king level and they were unparalleled in their ability.

“Little girl, we came for the Ghost Emperor. If you step aside, perhaps we can spare your life!” When the experts saw that the one blocking their path was merely an intermediate-rank, sage-king-level little girl, they were ambivalent and did not attach importance to her.

Hong Luan smiled and placed herself in front of the room’s door. Her red robe lightly fluttered in the air, and her mannerism was imposing and brazen.

“Today, for as long as I live, don’t bother thinking about taking a single step inside! Of course, if you want to enter, it’s not impossible, you just have to step over my corpse!”

“Haha!” Hearing the red-robed girl’s domineering voice, a middle-aged man burst out laughing. “You alone? An intermediate-rank sage-king level little girl dares to be so insolent? Great, then we will kill you first, and then kill the Ghost Emperor!” All of a sudden, the auras of all the cultivators flooded into the air with a rumble!

Hong Luan calmly withdrew a red box from her space ring. Her fair hands slowly opened the box and took out a fruit that was emitting a red glow.

“Mother, you left this to me before you passed away as a protective talisman. I did not expect that I would have a use for it so soon.” Hong Luan faintly smiled. “Back then, you told me that I must not use this unless I absolutely had to. But now, I have no choice but to use it! I am willing to bear the consequences!”

Hong Luan placed the fruit into her mouth and that fruit instantly turned into a light and disappeared into her. At the same time, her originally intermediate-rank sage-king strength started rising.
Advanced-rank sage king, low-rank sage god, intermediate-rank sage god, advanced-rank sage god… until it reached sage lord! That was correct, her strength jumped to sage lord all of a sudden!

“What… what is going on? Why did she suddenly reach sage lord? Could it be because she consumed that fruit?” one of the experts called out in shock, his face having turned pale with fright.
“No, that isn’t right. Her strength isn’t very stable. It must be one of those temporary strength-raising methods! If we can hold on, we will be able to kill her off after the effect wears off!” one person quickly recovered his wits and hastily interjected.

Hong Luan stood with a long sword in her hands, face devoid of expression. “Two hours will be more than enough to deal with you!”

Her words admitted that the fruit she consumed had a time limit indeed, but so what? She would use the quickest speed possible to deal with these people! In fact, the fruit she consumed was nurtured into existence by a sage-lord cultivator with his own spiritual energy thousands of years ago. Hence, she gained the strength of a sage lord after consumption!

Unfortunately, that sage lord had not mastered the technique of using spiritual energy to nurture medicinal ingredients, so this fruit was actually a failed creation. Hence, not only could it only raise the user’s strength temporarily, but the consequences… were also very serious!

“Kill!” One of the experts waved his hand.

In an instantly, countless people darted toward Hong Luan and the sound of fighting and slaughter resounded on this desolate street.

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