Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1383 - Her Heartache (5)

Chapter 1383: Her Heartache (5)

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“Tell me, what are you doing?” Yun Luofeng’s voice was filled with an irrepressible fury. “You said you needed to leave for a period of time, but it was to harm yourself? What are you trying to do? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ever since she learned that Yun Xiao obtained the Bodhi’s Heart she had a sense of foreboding, but she never expected that he would slice open his own chest. But why didn’t this man tell her anything? And why did he have to bear this all alone? Yun Luofeng’s fists were tightly clenched, and her heart felt like it was being ruthlessly squeezed, her body trembling from the pain.

“Feng’er, leave…” Yun Xiao slightly frowned. “Don’t look.”

As though she did not hear him, she walked toward him.

“Feng’er!” Yun Xiao tightened his grasp on his dagger. “I beg you… please leave.”

“Yun Xiao, no matter what, we can face anything together. Tell me what you want to do, perhaps I can help you.” Yun Luofeng’s voice was shaky, and her eyes were stuck to Yun Xiao’s bloody chest. She wanted to do something for him but had no idea what his objective was.


At some unknown time, Xiao Mo had appeared beside Yun Luofeng. He glanced at Yun Xiao and said, “There’s a drop of essence blood inside his heart. I believe his objective is to extract that drop of essence blood.”

In the beginning, Xiao Mo did not sense the essence blood inside of Yun Xiao. It wasn’t until Yun Xiao cut open his chest that he could clearly sense it.

Pain gripped her heart. “Xiao Mo, are there any other methods?”

The cyan-robed man who was originally standing guard outside the door entered again. He glanced at Yun Xiao before turning to Yun Luofeng. “It was Bai Su who injected the essence blood in Master, and it’s a blood curse. This blood curse will cause him to never be able to stay together with you, Mistress. There is only one method to break the blood curse, and that is to have intercourse with another woman. But Master was unwilling to betray Mistress, which is why he thought of this method.”

“Get out!” Yun Xiao’s expression was icily solemn, and although his voice was extremely weak, it still carried a harsh and imposing character. His words were naturally directed at the cyan-robed man. If it weren’t for the intense pain emitting from Yun Xiao’s chest, the cyan-robed man would have been unable to finish speaking.

However, the cyan-robed man did not regret saying it. Even if he was sent back to receive punishment like Lin Qiong, he still must tell Mistress his master’s actions. Otherwise, Mistress would be completely ignorant of everything that his master had forsaken.

“Feng’er, I will be fine very soon. I beg you… don’t look.” Yun Xiao’s dagger was still dripping with blood, but because Yun Luofeng was here, he could not allow any movements and could only pleadingly beg.

However, when his sight landed on the girl’s face again, he abruptly froze. “You… are crying?”
For as long as he had accompanied this girl, he had never seen her shed a single tear. But now, she was crying because of… him?

Thinking of this, Yun Xiao’s heart was enveloped in self-reproach and guilt, so much so that he had forgotten the pain in his chest and could only feel his heart aching! Each of her teardrops was like an arrow, enough to make his heart feel like it was pierced by thousands of arrows!

“Xiao Mo, it’s too late to find anesthetic medicinal herbs now.” Yun Luofeng did not answer Yun Xiao and turned to look at Xiao Mo. “Hence, I need your help.”

Xiao Mo was startled. “You plan to supply the spiritual energy inside God’s Code Space to Yun Xiao? Master, God’s Code Space is related to your secret. If you provide an excess of spiritual energy to other people, it will cause damage to God’s Code Space, and you will also lose your life at that time!”

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