Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1382 - Her Heartache (4)

Chapter 1382: Her Heartache (4)

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No one else knew his old friend’s pain over the years as well as him. If Jun’er was truly still alive, then it’s a matter to be celebrated.

“Mu Dong,” Grandfather Jun turned to look at Mu Dong. “Lend me a hand and help me escort Ling’er back to the Jun Estate.”

Mu Dong was startled. “What do you intend to do?”

“I want to make a trip to the East Province and find its governor to ask about her appearance and name!” Grandfather Jun deeply inhaled and staunchly declared, “This time, I absolutely won’t return to Spirit Province until I find her!”

“Okay!” Mu Dong lightly nodded. “Leave Ling’er to me and go. You’ve become ill with longing over the years. Now that you finally received news of Jun’er still being alive, you absolutely can’t give up!”

Grandfather Jun sent a look a Mu Dong and clapped his back, but he did not vocalize any thanks. They had never needed to express thanks between the two of them. Without further ado, he turned around and his white figure disappeared from the street.

“Go back then.” Mu Dong glanced at the Jun Family guard. “I will escort Ling’er safely home”.

“Yes, Sir Mu Dong.” The guard cupped his fists and also disappeared into the bustling crowd.

Ever since they passed the examination, Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan followed the crowd and successfully left Tianyue City. However, they did not stay with the group and broke away from the procession after they left Tianyue City. They rushed toward Kulong Town as fast as possible.
Currently, inside the silent Kulong Town, autumn leaves slowly drifted in the air and covered the streets.

Perhaps because all the residents knew that there would a battle taking place inside Kulong Town in the future, everyone had deserted the town and left the streets desolate and quiet. Inside a private room, a man sat upright on the bed. His black robes were wide open, his toned muscles had a powerful appearance, and his smooth chest elicited an urge in people to touch it.

The man was very handsome, but his face was as stiff and emotionless as always, and his cold, black eyes were similar to an abyss, immensely deep.

“Leave.” The man’s voice was chilling to the bones, causing the cyan-robed man standing at the doors to shiver.

He cupped his fists and said, “Yes!”

The cyan-robed man understood that after nonstop extraction for several days and nights, the medicinal liquid from the Bodhi’s Heart was finally procured. What followed was the cutting open of his heart to remove Bai Su’s essence blood.

Thinking about this, the cyan-robed man silently retreated and closed the door for the other man.
A solemn silence settled in the room.

The man flipped over his palm and held a shining dagger in his hand. The icy blade was pointed at his chest, and he ruthlessly pierced it in. The intense pain elicited a smothered groan from him, but his eyebrows did not furrow at all, and he did not hold back in his motions.

A shocked voice was suddenly heard from outside the door, causing the man’s hand to tremble, and he nearly lost his grip on the dagger.

“Mistress, why are you here?”


The door to the room was kicked open all of a sudden. Yun Luofeng burst into the room, and what clashed into her sight was the scene of Yun Xiao using his dagger to slice open his chest. This bloody scene caused Yun Luofeng’s heart to shudder fiercely. She asked in disbelief, “Yun Xiao, what are you doing?”

“Feng’er, why are you here?” Yun Xiao started, and his eyes landed on the girl. He had evidently forgotten about his pain.

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