Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1381 - Her Heartache (3)

Chapter 1381: Her Heartache (3)

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“That’s right! As long as she becomes my granddaughter, I will give her anything.”

“No good, no good,” Grandfather Jun shook his head in a panic. “I still haven’t prepared a present for my granddaughter. What if you outdo me? I heard the maritime section of Central Province has a medicinal herb that can greatly improve a person’s strength. Wait until I obtain that herb for the bonus granddaughter that I picked up, then I will bring you to her.”

“Jun Lingtian, let me tell you, if you don’t bring me to find that girl, I won’t be done with you today!” Mu Dong angrily glared at Grandfather Jun.

Evidently, if Grandfather Jun refused, he absolutely would not easily let off this old man. Seeing Mu Dong on the brink of madness, Grandfather Jun finally relented, “Don’t forget what you just said. You will give all of your possessions to her. If you go back on your words, I won’t take you to go see her.” Although he could not give his present to Yun Luofeng yet, how could he truly refuse the chance to allow Yun Luofeng to obtain so many treasures?

Unfortunately, Mu Dong was still disappointed in the end…

By the time they got to the inn, they learned that Yun Luofeng had already left a few days ago. The two old men could only return home in disappointment.

The moment Grandfather Jun stepped out of the inn, a figure landed in front of him in a half-kneeling position. The person reverently said, “Old Family Head, this subordinate has finally found you.”

The old man’s face immediately tensed up, and his voice was like ice. “This old man already said that matters of the Jun Family don’t concern me, so why did you still search for me?”

“Old Family Head, this matter is unusual.” The guard wiped the faux sweat from his forehead. “Family Head received a message that said the governor of East Province once personally saw someone carrying a jade pendant on their body, so they especially informed the Jun Family.”

The guard immediately presented a paper containing the drawn pattern on the pendant to him.
Grandfather Jun’s body froze. His hands then shakily accepted the paper and he opened it up in slow motion.

Over the years, he had experienced hope and despair, until he did not dare to possess any more hope in the end. Hence, at this moment, he felt deep-seated fear pervade his body. He was afraid that this jade pendant was not the one he placed in his daughter’s baby clothes…

However, the instant he opened the paper, tears streamed down his face, and his fingers gently traced over the character “Jun” on the pendant.

“That’s right, this is the jade pendant that I gave Jun’er back then. Jun’er is still alive? She is still alive!”

How many years had it been? How many years did he spend in longing and despair? He had even given up hope. But who would have imagined that he would be able to see this jade pendant while he was still alive?

Grandfather Jun looked up and emotionally asked, “Did the governor of East Province provide Jun’er’s portrait? Or her current name?”

“He merely said that the other person is a young woman about 20 years old and did not mention anything else.”

“Young woman?” Grandfather Jun was startled and the jubilance on his face intensified. “Does Jun’er have children of her own? That girl is Jun’er’s daughter? That’s great, this old man has gained another granddaughter!” The pitiful Grandfather Jun sadly did not know that Yun Luofeng was not Jun Fengling’s daughter and was her son’s wife instead.

“Congratulations.” Mu Dong might have been enraged by the earlier events, but at a time like this, he still walked up and clapped his old friend’s shoulder.

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