Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1380 - Her Heartache (2)

Chapter 1380: Her Heartache (2)

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As expected, Mu Dong relaxed a bit, but his mood quickly turned tense again. “After we finish studying this problem, I will settle my score with you!”

“Don’t worry, after we study this problem, this old man will certainly make amends and apologize.” Grandfather Jun said with a grin, “The top priority right now is to find someone to conduct an experiment on with her method.”

There were very few people who could solve this ancient difficult problem in this alternate world. However, if it was in Huaxia, a surgeon would have successfully taken care of it!

Of course, although someone like Nangong Yunyi also came from Huaxia, he might not be able to solve this problem. After all, there were many differences in medicinal ingredients between this alternate world and Huaxia. Even ingredients with the same name might not have the same medicinal effects.

The reason Yun Luofeng could write down this method of heart surgery and solve this age-old difficult problem was because she ingeniously utilized the knowledge provided to her by the Medical God’s Code and combined it with what she learned in Huaxia.

After Grandfather Jun spoke, they immediately sent someone to search for a patient with the same condition. Thankfully, although Mu Dong was living in seclusion here, he still had countless experts under his command, so it was not long before they found a patient…

The treatment process did not allow any room for error, so Grandfather Jun and Mu Dong thoroughly studied the answer and gathered several physicians from the clinic as helpers before they tested Yun Luofeng’s treatment method…

However, they did not expect this treatment to last three days and three nights.

With Grandfather Jun and Mu Dong’s strength, a sleepless and restless treatment for three days and three nights, as well as a taut mental state, did not prove to be too big of a problem for them. But some of the people from the clinic could not endure it and were extremely weak. Just as they were about to collapse, mad laughter rung through the sky above the Mu Estate.

“We succeeded! We truly succeeded! This eternal difficult problem was untangled in the hands of a girl, hahaha!” Grandfather Jun boisterously laughed. His expression was delighted, but there was more gladness. Glad that he was keen-eyed and had accepted such a genius granddaughter. Mu Dong was stupefied for a few seconds and suddenly charged at Grandfather Jun. Before Grandfather Jun snapped out of his joy, he was mercilessly choked by his neck.

“Return my disciple to me! Give me back my disciple!”

The previously snoozing physicians were abruptly awoken. When they saw Mu Dong’s deranged state, they hurriedly ran toward him and forcefully restrained his arms.

“Grandfather Mu, don’t be impulsive! You mustn’t be impulsive! Release him.”

“Cough cough.”

After Mu Dong loosened his grasp, Grandfather coughed a few times. He was not angered by Mu Dong’s actions and continued to smile. “Mu Dong, my granddaughter isn’t your disciple, don’t randomly claim relations.”

Mu Dong eventually calmed down, and he took a deep breath before asking, “Does your granddaughter still lack a grandfather? I can give all of my possessions to her, as long as she calls me Grandfather.”

Compared to the mischievous Grandfather Jun, Mu Dong treasured prodigies. To him, possessions were worldly possessions, and it was worth it if he could trade all of his belongings for a genius granddaughter like her.

“Are you sure?” Grandfather Jun raised his eyebrows. “The treasures in your possession are innumerable. Even a single medicinal ingredient is exorbitantly priced! You want to use all of your belongings to recognize a granddaughter?”

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