Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1379 - Her Heartache (1)

Chapter 1379: Her Heartache (1)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

“Alright.” Yun Luofeng smiled and called, “Grandfather.”

Upon hearing this address, Grandfather Jun felt sentimental for some reason. If this girl was truly his granddaughter, he would certainly go mad with joy…

Unfortunately, He did not even know whether Jun’er was still alive and also did not know whether she had any children.

Hong Luan stood on the side and did not say anything. She naturally knew Yun Luofeng’s objective. This old man was a member of the Jun Family. If Yun Luofeng wanted to scout any news, she must interact with members of the Jun Family.

“Haha!” Grandfather Jun broke into bright laughter again. “Little girl, if you are willing, you can leave with me now.”

“No need.” Yun Luofeng shook her head and said, “I still have something very important to finish. After I finish it, I will come and visit Grandfather.”

“Since it’s like that, then this old man won’t bother you. If you need anything, come find me at the Jun Estate.” Although Grandfather Jun did not obtain Yun Luofeng as a disciple, he got a bonus granddaughter, so he left satisfied. However, he was greeted with a raging storm when he returned to the Mu Estate.

“Jun Lingtian, you shameless b*stard!” Mu Dong was livid, and his raging eyes fiercely glared at Grandfather Jun. “I never thought you were this type of person. I’ve misjudged you for all these years!”

Grandfather Jun did not grow angry and continued grinning. “Mu Dong, don’t get angry. I did find that girl, but she said she has too many masters, so she rejected me.”

Hearing this, Mu Dong felt better. Although he was late, Grandfather Jun also did not successfully obtain this disciple.

“However…” suddenly, the old man’s words took a turn, “the little girl accepted me as her grandfather.”

“WHAT?” Mu Dong blew up with rage. This time, he did not waste any words with Grandfather Jun and directly acted. His severe aura was akin to an unsheathed sword and exploded with a loud bang.
Grandfather Jun shifted and dodged Mu Dong’s attack. However, a deep hole replaced the ground he was just standing on. It was obvious how much power Mu Dong had put into his attack.

“Mu Dong, you are being serious?” Grandfather Jun did not expect Mu Dong to be serious, and his eyes were wide open. “If I didn’t feel guilty toward you, I would have already retaliated!”

“Humph!” Mu Dong snorted. “Leave! From now on, you are no longer my friend!”
Who knew whether Grandfather Jun would steal all of the disciples that he took a liking to if they continued being good friends?

“Mu Dong, the two of us have been good friends for many years, why must we fight over a trivial matter?” Grandfather shamelessly walked toward Mu Dong, a big grin on his geriatric face.

Seeing his infuriating appearance, Mu Dong wanted nothing more than to punch him in the face.
He got the prize, so he naturally did not think they should have a falling out. If it were him who snatched the little girl, this old man would wage war against him without a word.

“While I was leaving, I took the problem that Little Yun answered with me. Let’s study it together and see if her answers are correct.” Grandfather Jun knew how to move Mu Dong, of course, so he brazenly waved his hand, holding a piece of marked paper.


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