Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1378 - Falling Out (5)

Chapter 1378: Falling Out (5)

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What did Yun Luofeng’s identity have to do with her? It was her character that Hong Luan approved of.

“Let’s go.” Yun Luofeng shrugged. “Tomorrow, we can start our journey and leave Tianyue City.”

Hong Luan did not say anything and merely glanced back at the direction of the clinic, a cold glint flashing through her eyes. If her father and her guessed wrong and Yun Luofeng was not a member of the Jun Family, then she absolutely would not permit the Jun Family to harm her!


The two old men finally stopped. They were out of breath with sweat covering their forehead. But when they turned around, they suddenly realized that Yun Luofeng had gone missing.

“What happened to my disciple?” Mu Dong was taken back.

“She left.” Ling’er widened her big, bright eyes. “I saw how engrossed you were in fighting, so I thought you were enjoying your fight and didn’t remind you.”

“What?” Mu Dong was startled and hastily asked, “Then do you know whether she went east or west?”

“West.” Ling’er lied with wide eyes.

In the minds of the elders, Ling’er had always been an honest child, so Mu Dong did not suspect anything and hastened toward the west.

“Grandfather, Miss Yun went east. She shouldn’t be too far away. You should hurry, don’t let Grandfather Mu reach her first.”

Grandfather Jun guffawed and patted Ling’er’s head. “You cunning little fox, after Grandfather accepts this disciple, Grandfather will permit you to return home for a few days.”

“Grandfather, Ling’er wants to follow Grandfather.”

“Girl, don’t think I don’t know that you’ve longed for your parents. Grandfather has done you wrong. In a few days, I will let you return and reunite with them for a period of time.”

“Thank you, Grandfather.” Ling’er’s smile was radiant and illuminated Grandfather Jun’s heart. “But Ling’er’s favorite thing to do is to accompany Grandfather to travel the world. Oh, right, go chase Miss Yun first. Otherwise, when Grandfather Mu discovers he’s been deceived, he will certainly head to the east.”

“Alright, haha.” Grandfather Jun loudly chuckled, and his white-robed figure quickly disappeared from the clinic.

At this moment, inside the clinic, everyone was sweating. No one expected this innocent and naive little girl would know how to swindle and deceive people. Mu Dong was pitiful, but it was his own fault for not having a considerate granddaughter and being outnumbered.

Unfortunately, Ling’er overestimated Mu Dong’s intelligence. It wasn’t until he did not find Yun Luofeng after searching all over the western side of the city that he abruptly realized that he had been duped.

As a result, on that day, the streets of Tianyue City reverberated with the old man’s enraged shout.
“Jun Lingtian! Jun Ling’er! You two actually teamed up to deceive me! Great! Wonderful! I want to break ties with you! We are enemies from now on!”

Grandfather Jun was right on the tail of Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan as they entered the inn. He blocked Yun Luofeng’s path with a grin and said, “Miss Yun, your medical skill has stunned me, I wonder if you would be willing to be my disciple?”

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, a glint flickering through her eyes. “I already have enough masters. I can’t become your disciple. If you would like, we can discuss medicine.”

“Haha.” Seeing that Yun Luofeng did not completely reject him, Grandfather Jun brightly laughed. “I will take it! I see that you are about the same age as my granddaughter. If you don’t mind, call me grandfather and allow me to gain an extra granddaughter.”

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