Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1377 - Falling Out (4)

Chapter 1377: Falling Out (4)

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This acupuncture method was recorded inside the Medical God’s Code, and she deeply imprinted it in her mind, so she easily illustrated it.

Upon hearing this, light emitted from Ling’er’s eyes, and she extended her hand toward Yun Luofeng. “Right, my name is Jun Ling’er.”

Jun? Yun Luofeng was very sensitive about this family name, so she paused briefly before grasping Jun Ling’er’s hand.

“Yun Luofeng.”

On the side, the old men were awfully busy fighting and lost all sense of the outside world.

Suddenly, she heard laughter from ahead of her.

“No wonder you still haven’t finished your task after so long. It turns out you were seducing innocent young girls.” Hong Luan energetically bounded over and hooked her arm around Yun Luofeng’s shoulders. Her gaze landed on Ling’er with raised brows. “This girl has a lively look, I like her quite a bit.”

Ling’er appeared to have never seen a woman so bold, especially with how domineeringly she teased her, and was instantly intimidated.

She weakly responded, “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Haha!” Hong Luan could not resist chuckling. “Little miss, this older sister is only joking with you. Of course, if I was a man, I definitely wouldn’t be able to resist touching you.”

A girl as bright and lively as her, she really liked her even as a woman, let alone if she was a man!

Ling’er blushed. She had never been so explicitly teased before in her life, to say nothing of how the other party was a woman.

“Yun Luofeng, it’s full of excitement here.” Hong Luan smiled. “How was it? Did you pass?”

Yun Luofeng did not say anything and turned to look at the manager of the clinic.

The manager wiped sweat from his forehead as he said, “Passed, she passed…”

See how Sir Mu and his friend were fighting over this girl? How could he say she did not pass? Even if she wrote nonsense, she must pass!

“Since you’ve passed, let’s go then.” Hong Luan beamingly looped her arm through Yun Luofeng’s arm. She did not forget to turn back and squeeze Ling’er’s fair and tender cheeks. “Little miss, see you later.”

Outside the clinic, Yun Luofeng stopped walking and glanced at the girl dressed in red beside her with raised brows and commented, “I’ve never seen you interested in anyone for as long as I’ve known you.”

In other words, she was asking Hong Luan why she was so interested in a little girl.

“That little girl’s identity is a bit special.” Hong Luan smiled. “If I guessed correctly, she is the daughter of the family head of the Jun Family.”

A member of the Jun Family?

Lun Luofeng suddenly recalled her name was Jun Ling’er. Could she be a member of the Jun Family from Spirit Province?

“Yun Luofeng.” Hong Luan turned her head, and the smile in her features gradually receded, replaced with a serious look. “It’s because you are my friend that I will tell this to you. I don’t know why you possess a jade pendant from the Jun Family, nor do I know whether this will be good or bad for you…”

“Before you discover the truth, you mustn’t reveal it even if it’s to a member of the Jun Family!” Hong Luan’s expression was very solemn. After all, no one knew whether Yun Luofeng was truly a member of the Jun Family. What if… she was enemies with the Jun Family?

“I understand.” Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. Although she planned to seek an answer for Jun Fengling, she did not plan to reveal the jade pendant before she discovered the truth.

“I don’t care whether you are a member of the Jun Family, you are still my friend!” Hong Luan clenched her fist and pound it against her chest. “I will always stand on your side and never abandon you!”


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