Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1376 - Falling out (3)

Chapter 1376: Falling out (3)

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“Mu Dong, don’t keep calling her your disciple! This girl hasn’t formally become your disciple yet! You might not have any pride, but you still shouldn’t say something like that!” Grandfather Jun paused briefly before continuing, “Moreover, this girl catches my eye too. It was unforeseen, so why don’t you back out? I guarantee I will find another disciple for you.”

His words nearly angered Mu Dong to madness, and he spun to look at Ling’er and said, “Ling’er, you should manage your Grandfather. He has the gall to steal my disciple.”

“Grandfather Mu.” Ling’er said with a mischievous smile. “My grandfather is right. This girl hasn’t formally become your disciple yet, so she isn’t your disciple. Also, I feel like she would flourish better if she follows my grandfather, don’t you think so?”

Mu Dong’s beard quivered wildly, and his eyes were wide open. “The two of you are teaming up to infuriate me! Let me tell you! This girl is mine for certain! Whoever dares to fight over her with me, we are no longer friends!”

Seeing how the two old men had come head to head, no one inside the clinic dared to say anything.

Mu Dong was fairly powerful in Central Province, and they might not know who that white-robed old man was, but anyone who could use this type of tone to speak with Mu Dong must be someone important. They could not afford to offend either of them. Hence, everyone inside the clinic tactfully backed up and gave the two old men a wide berth.

As for the person who humiliated Grandfather Jun earlier, when he felt the aura from the two old men, he nearly fainted from fright. Thankfully, the person next to him caught him in time, so he did not fall onto the ground.

At this time, Yun Luofeng finished writing the last stroke. She turned her head and discovered the old man who had asked her a question earlier had already started arguing with another old man. Confusion appeared on her face. “What happened?”

Seeing the girl looking at them, the two old men stepped toward Yun Luofeng at the same time. However, Mu Dong used his body to shove Grandfather Jun away when he saw the old man approaching Yun Luofeng as well. “Move over, don’t disturb the reunion between me and my disciple.”

Reunion? What reunion?! This was their first meeting…

Oh, incorrect! She did not even know you at all, so what did they have to reunite about?

“Scram!” Grandfather Jun waved his hand and sent a burst of palm-shaped wind toward Mu Dong. “Mu Dong, don’t force me to hit you!”

This time, Grandfather Jun’s self-referral has changed from ‘this old man’ to ‘this father’. The fury in his heart was apparent.

“Hit me? Just try! I’m not afraid of you! You are more talented in medicine than me, but our strength has always been equal,” Mu Dong harrumphed and retorted, not to be outdone.

Yun Luofeng was somewhat dumbfounded. Because she was too concentrated during the latter half, she had no idea what had happened. Only… since when did she gain another master?

“Don’t mind them.” Suddenly, a voice, as melodious as bells, rung beside Yun Luofeng. She turned around and a smiling, cute face entered her eyes. The girl’s grin was radiant and showed off her teeth. Her eyes were sparkling and her demeanor playful.

“My grandfather has always been like this. When he’s on good terms with Grandfather Mu, they are like real brothers, but as soon as an argument happens, they turn into enemies.” Ling’er curiously blinked. “Grandfather Mu says you know the legendary thousand needle method? Do you really?”

Yun Luofeng was startled.  Thousand needle method?

“You’re talking about the acupuncture method that I drew just now?” Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin. “If you are, then I do know it.”


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