Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1375 - Falling out (2)

Chapter 1375: Falling out (2)

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“Old man, are you an idiot? You would believe anything that this girl says?” A bystander could not remain silent anymore and snorted, “She is merely writing nonsense, but you would actually stupidly believe her? It appears that you know nothing about medicine. Having a patient consume Bianque gallbladder? Isn’t that the same as killing them?”

Grandfather Jun’s brows knitted, and he aloofly glanced at the man who ridiculed them. “Bianque gallbladder added with Crane’s Breath herb might really have a numbing effect. You haven’t tried it, so how do you know that her method won’t work?”

“It’s true that I haven’t tried it, but I knew it absolutely wouldn’t work as soon as I heard it. Have you tried this method?” he derisively retorted with another snort.

Ling’er frowned, anger slowly creeping onto her face. However, Grandfather had not said anything yet, so she would not act recklessly. She remained standing beside Grandfather Jun.

“For me, my mind can calculate it without experimenting with it.”

This was the confidence of a talented physician! Unlike normal physicians, he did not need to personally test out the proposed solution. He only needed to mull it over in his mind, and he would know whether or not it would work.

“Humph!” Seeing that person about to continue speaking, Mu Dong snorted. “This clinic truly allows anyone to enter, and he even dares to blow his own horn. Didn’t he see that the acupuncture procedure my disciple wrote is the legendary thousand needle method?”

To a physician, the silver needle was an item that was only second to medicinal ingredients! If a physician did not even know how to perform acupuncture, then they were not considered a competent physician.

Hence, while Grandfather Jun paid attention to the combination of medicinal ingredients, Mu Dong focused on the acupuncture method that Yun Luofeng was writing. He grew more shocked the more he looked it.

This acupuncture method was not complete, but he could still roughly see that Yun Luofeng used the legendary thousand needle method on this problem.


“Hold on.” Grandfather Jun suddenly realized something and blankly stared at Mu Dong. “You said your disciple? Where?”

“My newly accepted disciple,…” Mu Dong pointed at the white-robed girl, “is her.”

“D*mmit!” As soon as Grandfather Jun heard this, he flew into a rage. “This is my first time seeing how shameless you are! Since when did she agree to be your disciple?”

It turned out that being shameless had a higher realm of its own!

Mu Dong chuckled. “Anyhow, I’ve taken a liking to this girl. Based on this thousand needle method alone, I can guess that her medical skills are not simple.”

“Humph!” Grandfather Jun snorted. “You can see it? So can I! Regardless of whether this girl can solve this ancient difficult problem or not, based on her written medical knowledge, I can tell that her talent must be superior!”

Mu Dong narrowed his eyes. “You already have a disciple and such a clever granddaughter, why don’t you yield this girl to me? How about it?”

“Who in the world would complain about accepting too many prodigy disciples? Why should I yield her to you?”

The two old friends suddenly stood on opposing sides in a flash. Simply because of a girl!

“Old Man Jun, you want to fall out with me?” Mu Dong’s expression turned livid with anger. He disregarded their years of friendship as well and stated between clenched teeth, “Don’t forget, you promised me that you would come with me to help me accept a disciple. But now you want to steal my disciple? Do you still want that old pride of yours?”


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