Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1374 - Falling Out (1)

Chapter 1374: Falling Out (1)

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Mu Dong faintly nodded. He had heard of this ancient difficult question and it was almost impossible for anyone to answer. However, if it was just a fragmented answer, perhaps there might still be some hope.

“Ling’er,” Old man Jun looked at the young lady beside him with a smile. “I’ve been training you in medical skills all these years and your current skills have reached the realm of perfection. You should take a stroll around this medical hall.”

Ling’er’s face revealed a brilliant smile. “Grandfather, it’s enough for Ling’er to accompany you. Unless grandfather dislikes Ling’er and doesn’t wish for me to serve by your side?”

“Haha,” old man Jun heartily laughed. “You’re sure odd to be willing to follow an old man like your grandfather every day. I’m afraid that you will get bored.”

Mu Dong looked at the old and young with envy while the jealousy in his eyes was dense and thick. At this moment, a sudden uproar could be heard from the front.

“Little girl, are you even well versed in medical skills? There’s a basic mistake in your answer and obviously, you’re pretending to understand when you don’t. Don’t waste our time and let us have our turn!”

After the medical hall manager heard the commotion, he subconsciously wiped his sweat. “Lord Mu, I’ll go and take a look at the situation.”

“There’s no need.” Old man Jun raised his hand and stopped the medical hall’s manager. “We shall go and take a look.”

“This…” The medical hall manager did not recognize old man Jun so he cast an inquiring gaze towards Mu Dong. Mu Dong faintly smiled. “Listen to him and we’ll go and have a look.”

There was a vast crowd at the front and everyone was encircling a long rectangular table while pointing fingers from time to time.

Before the table, a white-robed young lady was holding a brush with a calm appearance, to the extent of not even thinking and quickly writing on the paper. However, people around her were frowning and sneered at the solution she provided.

Unknowingly, old man Jun had cut through the crowd and walked to her side.

At this moment, the surrounding clamorous voices seemed to disappear as he silently gazed at the content she wrote on the paper.


Suddenly, old man Jun released a surprised shout, “Mixing Bianque gallbladder and Crane’s Breath herb can cause a numbing effect throughout one’s body?” This was the first time he had heard of it.

Yun Luofeng evidently noticed old man Jun standing beside her and answered him, which was rare for her to do so. “Bianque gallbladder originally has the effect of causing numbness but as the effect is overpowering, the Crane’s Breath is to weaken the effect. Both can’t do without the other.”

Once either was lacking, the patient would immediately die upon consuming Bianque gallbladder.

“So it’s like that.” Old man Jun suddenly saw the light and nodded. “I know quite a few medicinal herbs that’ll allow the patient’s whole body to be numbed. However, each and every one of them has severe side effects, and I wonder what repercussion does your prescription have?”

“Therefore, Bingshuang Heart is extremely important.” Yun Luofeng’s hands did not stop and she was answering old man Jun’s question at the same time. “When numbing the patient, be sure to add Bingshuang Heart. It’s effect its to moderate the patient’s blood blow, preventing a reverse blood flow condition.

Old man Jun stood at the side and looked serious. The solution Yun Luofeng had written was unheard of. However, it opened a new door for him, giving him the feeling of being enlightened with perfect wisdom.

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