Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1372 - Leaving for Central Province (7)

Chapter 1372: Leaving for Central Province (7)

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“There’s something like this?” Old man Jun was somewhat astonished. “Human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food, while an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth! However, I find this examination quite interesting.”

“Oh?” Mu Dong quirked his brow, “You wish to participate?”

Old man Jun shook his head, “The Ghost Emperor had the ability to obtain the Bodhi’s Heart and what does that have to do with me? I only want to see the strength of the Central Province. Old man Mu, didn’t you intend to take in disciples? Perhaps this might be a good opportunity, but I’d have to advise you on this, don’t accept those with dubious moral standing!”

“Haha,” Mu Dong chuckled. “If you are interested, I can accompany you to spectate this examination. As for accepting a disciple, that’s something for the future…”

Clearly, these two old men were snorting disdainfully at these people encircling to annihilate the Ghost Emperor, but were interested in the examination.

Tianyue City.

On the streets bustling with activity, everyone was discussing the matter of encircling and annihilating the Ghost Emperor. As such, no one saw a white-robed young lady using her wicked eyes to coldly sweep past everyone on the streets at this very moment.

“Master,” Lin Ruobai blinked her adorable eyes and asked, “who’s the Ghost Emperor they’re talking about?”

Yun Luofeng lowered her head and gently stroked Lin Ruobai’s head as a faint smile quirked up. “Your Master’s lover.”

“Oh, since they’re thinking of killing him, should I kill them?” Lin Ruobai spoke in a pure and honest manner. It seemed like killing was as simple as drinking in her mind.

“There’s no need, the matter of vital importance now is to find him. After that, it won’t be too late to dispose of them.” A ruthless glint streaked across Yun Luofeng’s eyes while killing intent spread out.

Hong Luan standing on one side clicked her tongue. “In the West Province Continent back then, I remember that this man called Ghost Emperor was chased by numerous experts due to his wealth. Unexpectedly, even after arriving in the Central Province, the exact same scene happened.” Hong Luan crossed her arms while a smile surfaced on her face.

“However, the experts in the Central Province are much more powerful than the West Province. For example, on the Continent ranking board, there are only a few from the West Province but in the Central Province, there are countless ranked experts. Therefore…” Hong Luan paused before continuing, “have Hu Li and Wu stay behind. It’s not safe for them to follow us.”

As for Lin Ruobai…

There was an unusual power in her body and she wouldn’t have any problem protecting herself.

“Hong Luan, what do you mean?” Hu Li’s expression changed instantly, “At the very least, I’ve broken through to sage king level and I have the ability to defend myself!”

Hong Luan shot him a glance and smirked. “You can protect yourself, but what about this child?”

The boy was evidently afraid of what would happen next and helplessly looked at Hu Li with his huge eyes.

Hu Li knitted his brow. Currently, he regretted bringing along this child, preventing him from helping Yun Luofeng. Instead, he had to supervise this child every day.

“Hu Li, you, Wu and Xiao Bai shall stay.”

“Master!” Lin Ruobai bit her lips, looking at Yun Luofeng while her eyes gleamed with tears. “I will not become a burden.”

“I know,” Yun Luofeng smiled. “However, your soul has yet to completely recover and I can’t allow you to face such a battle. Only after your body completely recovers will you then become the most powerful help by my side. Do you understand?”

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