Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1371 - Leaving for Central Province (6)

Chapter 1371: Leaving for Central Province (6)

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“Rest assured, Aunt is definitely still alive. Merely, she’s hidden somewhere and we have yet to locate her. Furthermore, with aunt’s current age, she must have already had her children, so Ling’er must have cousins!”

Old man Jun heartily laughed. “Forget about having a brother, I prefer girls and I hope that Jun’er has given birth to a granddaughter for me!”

Compared to a boy, old man Jun preferred a girl. If his grandchild was a boy and learned bad habits from his disciple who constantly caused him to get angry, wouldn’t he die from too much anger?

A girl was much better, such as Ling’er, who was more sensible than her dad. Being lovable and obedient, making one fond of her.

“Grandpa, you’re being biased!” Ling’er wittily stuck out her tongue and said happily.

“Hmph, I wish to live for a few more years. If I were to have a grandson, what should I do if he infuriates me like your dad?” The moment the old man thought of his obstinate disciple, he trembled with anger. If he had known earlier, he would’ve taken in a female disciple instead.

The navy-robed elder looked at the young lady standing in front of old man Jun and a smile surfaced on his aged face.

All these years, it was thanks to this girl who followed old man Jun to travel around. Otherwise, even if he didn’t grieve from not able to meet his daughter, he would have become depressed.

“Grandpa,” Ling’er’s eyes swirled and a resplendent smile appeared on her face, “do you think something happened since Father has dispatched so many men to look for you?”

“What matter could he have? Isn’t it wanting to hand over the Jun Family to me? If the Jun Family required this old man to manage, why did I accept a disciple back then?” Old man Jun snorted. “In any case, he can dream on!”

The navy-robed elder dryly coughed, revealing awkwardness. “Actually, you could nurture Ling’er to be your next successor. Her talent isn’t bad and perhaps she would accomplish more than her father in the future.

“No way, I want her to follow me for a few more years. Unless you want that disciple of mine to accompany me? What fun is there with two men staring at each other every day?” Old man Jun flatly rejected his good friend’s suggestion. He did not wish to face his disciple’s face every single day.

“Grandfather Mu, after Ling’er accompanies grandfather to locate aunt, Ling’er will then return to become the successor.” Ling’er sensibly spoke as she stood on one side.

The navy-robed elder looked at old man Jun with envy. “Old man, I envy you for having such a sensible granddaughter. Seems like I should also take in a disciple, to avoid being jealous of you.”

Although Ling’er was not of old man Jun’s bloodline, he had long regarded her as his biological granddaughter in his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t love her dearly, intending to nurture her to become his successor.

“Come, let’s continue playing chess.” Old man Jun heartily laughed. “Oh right, Tianyue City seems to be bustling with activity recently, what’s going on?”

Old man Mu frowned. “I heard it’s because someone by the name of Ghost Emperor obtained something called Bodhi’s Heart. Upon consumption, one can be invincible for three days. Therefore, there are numerous cultivators chasing down the Ghost Emperor for the Bodhi’s Heart!”

“Bodhi’s Heart?” Old man Jun stared blankly. “I’ve heard of this item, could it be that the Ghost Emperor is in Tianyue City?”

“Nope,” Mu Dong shook his head. “The Ghost Emperor is in Kulong Town and one must pass through Tianyue City to reach there. However, the Ghost Emperor is too formidable and to prevent meaningless deaths, countless experts have convened an examination. Only those who pass the examination have the right to head towards Kulong Town. Apart from this, no one is allowed to go there.”

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