Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1370 - Leaving for Central Province (5)

Chapter 1370: Leaving for Central Province (5)

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“Family head, family head!” Suddenly an anxious voice sounded from outside, and a bodyguard broke in without waiting for a reply.

The middle-aged man had a dignified expression. “What happened? You’re being rude and impetuous!”

“Family head,” the bodyguard knelt on the floor, “your subordinate received a letter from the East Province’s Governor. Reportedly, a young lady with the previous family head’s jade plaque passed through the East Province. They are unsure if she’s the person the old family head is searching for.”


The middle-aged man suddenly stood up, with joy across his face. “Is this news accurate? The person you mentioned that has the jade plaque is a young lady but doesn’t tally with junior sister’s age. Could she be her daughter? Quick, search for the old family head. You must inform him of this news.”

Perhaps he was overly excited, but the joy of the middle-aged man who stood up was not fake in the slightest.

No one knew how much Master had longed for his daughter all these years. At that time, if not compelled by circumstances, Master wouldn’t have entrusted his daughter to someone else. After he had resolved his matters and went back to search for his daughter, he could no longer find any traces of her…

“Family head, this is the letter from the East Province and the jade plaque is drawn on the painting.” The bodyguard presented the letter in an extremely deferential manner.

After the middle-aged man roughly swept the content, he spread out the painting with the jade plaque.

His finger gently caressed the jade plaque image and all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. “The Jun letter on this jade plaque was personally carved by Master. I recognize his handwriting and it seems that this isn’t a fake. Oh right, did the East Province Governor provide the young lady’s portrait?”

The imperial bodyguard shook his head. “The East Governor only sent a letter and a drawing of the jade plaque.”

“Actually, his actions were correct in not sending her portrait. Otherwise, if a mishap happened during the delivery, it would certainly cause her to land in other’s hands and be used to threaten my master. Right now, it’s sufficient to know that Master’s daughter is on this continent. There will be one day where they’ll come across each other.”

There was an irrepressible excitement in the middle-aged man’s voice. After he spoke, he immediately dispatched his subordinates to search for the old lord’s whereabouts.

Central Province.

Within a grand residence, a white-robed elderly man was playing chess against the old man seated before him. His eyes were bright and full of expression while containing shrewdness.

Standing beside the white-robed elderly was a spirited young lady. She was around sixteen to seventeen years old and her appearance was not devastatingly beautiful. Instead, her appearance would allow others to feel comfortable as her eyes seemed to be able to speak, and the brightness was similar to the night stars.

“Haha, I win again this time.”

The old man in navy robes heartily laughed and placed the chess piece on the board. Looking at the white-robed elderly, he said, “Old man Jun, you seem to be restless recently and your chess playing has deteriorated. What happened?”

“Isn’t it because of that disciple of mine?” The white-robed old man bitterly laughed. “People of the Jun Family have been seeking for my whereabouts in the continent and I reckoned it’s because that disciple of mine is thinking of abandoning his position. Therefore, I brought Ling’er along to hide here.”

The navy-robed elderly man frowned and asked, “How is your search going? Your daughter’s whereabouts are still unknown after all these years?”

Old man Jun sighed and helplessly shook his head. “I’ve been searching for numerous years and there’s still no news of her. Do you think she’s no longer alive?”

“Grandfather.” Hearing the old man’s somewhat sad words, the young lady blinked her huge bright eyes and giggled.

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