Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1368 - Leaving for Central Province (3)

Chapter 1368: Leaving for Central Province (3)

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As for why Ling Li didn’t suspect those from the East Province Governor’s Estate, it was because… his son had been beaten so miserably last night yet he did not sense any commotion. Those who could accomplish this feat were extremely rare in the whole Continent and was impossible for Hong Luan to go undetected by Ling Li if he had appeared with his strength. Therefore, Ling Li had excluded them from the list of suspects…

Currently, within the East Province Governor’s Estate, Yun Luofeng had long received news of Ling Chen’s condition. She quirked her brow and looked at the two who were standing before her.

“Shouldn’t you give me an explanation? Where did both of you go yesterday night?”

Huohuo lowered her head, not daring to meet Yun Luofeng’s eyes. Her fingers nervously fidgeted with her clothes, revealing an obedient appearance of admitting to her mistakes.

“Mother.” Little Tree outstretched his chubby petite fingers and gently caressed Yun Luofeng’s face. His eyes were clear and as brilliant as the afternoon sun.

“They bullied you… Those who bully you are all baddies!”

Yun Luofeng reached out and hugged the plump child while sighing helplessly. “Huohuo, Little Tree, do not take action without my orders in the future. The North Province would definitely have hidden cards up their sleeves to have their influence of today. If you were to land in their hands, wouldn’t I have to save you?”

Hearing her words, Huohuo’s eyes brightened. “Master, you can rest assured. When Little Tree and I took action, Xiao Mo established a barrier for us and with that, Ling Li couldn’t sense our presence!”

Xiao Mo expression instantly changed after hearing Huohuo speak as he was originally rejoicing in their misfortune. However, it was too late to stop her as Huohuo had sold him out completely.

“Oh?” Yun Luofeng lifted her brow and looked at Xiao Mo with a fake smile. “You were the one who reported their actions to me. I didn’t expect that you also participated.”

“What?” Huohuo got angry and stood with her arms akimbo, as she furiously glared at Xiao Mo. “You exposed me and Little Tree to Master?”

“I can explain…” Xiao Mo wiped his sweat and wanted to explain. However, before he finished speaking, Little Tree had directly attacked him by hanging him in the air and beating him up.

Although it had only been a year since Little Tree was born, his wisdom was similar to toddlers of five to six-years-old as he was not human. Hearing that Xiao Mo had sold them out, his small face became flushed red from anger, clearly forgetting who had taken care of him since he was young.

Xiao Mo was filled with grief. It was all because Yun Luofeng had questioned him about Huohuo’s whereabouts last night, and he accidentally let the truth slip, thus resulting in the current treatment he was receiving. If he had known earlier that this would happen, he would’ve shut his mouth last night without speaking.

After Hong Luan arrived, she suddenly saw Xiao Mo being hung on a vine by Little Tree while getting beaten up. She was in such shock that her jaw nearly dislocated.

“Yun Luofeng, he’s your son?”

Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before speaking. “No, but he addresses me as Mother.”

“For a moment, I assumed he was your son, being so intrepid.” Hong Luan touched her chin and looked at Yun Luofeng while beaming with a big smile. “Yun Luofeng, I thought that if we were to leave during this period, we would definitely be chased down by the North Province experts. Now that they are in chaos due to Ling Chen’s injury, I’m afraid they won’t have spare energy to pay attention to us. Therefore, we should take advantage of this opportunity and leave.”

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